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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Weekly Round Up

1. I had my first night out this semester this week which was fun. We left the club at half three after spending the last few hours downstairs 'busting a move' to LMFAO and dare I say it, One Direction! Tiring but made me feel less guilty about the amount of alcohol I'd drank!

2. I got my hands on my latest piece for my university magazine PR1 - an article on Elizabeth Olsen and her style as it was a feature of rising stars. I'll probably blog it sometime this week - plug much? ha!

3. This week I finally got around to applying for summer internships. I hope someone takes pity on me and hires me. I'm looking for journalism/fashion/magazine internships so if anyone knows of any then please, let me know!!

4. I went to the London lunch yesterday which was lovely to meet new faces as well as catching up with old friends. I didn't take many photos so although I'll blog, I'll probably direct you to better posts as I wasn't very good with my camera! It did knacker me out though as the journey is over two hours each way but events like that are always worth it! Meeting such lovely people through blogging is one of the many reasons I keep doing it!

5. I'm at my parents at the moment as there was more trains back to their house than my university one. Plus, I was in two minds as to whether to go out for my friend's birthday last night. Unfortunately I was too tired from London so had to give it a miss but we went out for her birthday meal today which was yummy! I also got to have a quick catch up with my lovely friend Cat who kindly coloured my hair! 

6. Tomorrow I get to spend the day shopping with Megan which I'm uber excited about as well our shopping trips are always epic. I hope there's some good things in store at the mo! If I get anything decent, I'll make sure to blog :) 

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