Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Weekly Round Up

Photo taken from Sarah's Instagram

1. First off, this post is two days late oops! The reason for this is partly because I'm back at my parents and have been out of the house pretty much all the time I've been here. Also, I've not been myself recently - my parents noticed it as I didn't want to blog, tweet or anything else I usually enjoy doing. I do and I don't know why, it's really a mixture of everything I'm dealing with but I'm going to try and get out of that rut this week and get back into enjoying my blog as I do enjoy it! 

2. I came back to my parent's house on Friday after nipping to Manchester to pick up a mother's day gift. I was hoping that Topshop would have the Marc B Lottie bag I really want but they'd sold out as it's their best seller. Which goes to show that my dad's right - if you see something you want - get it there and then. They've told me to try a London store which I'm going to do next Thursday when I'm down. Fingers crossed! If anyone does see it in a London store, please let me know!

3. Saturday my sister and I drove to Liverpool for St. Patrick's weekend with Heather, Rob and her friends. Some of them started drinking at 9am/11am and lasted longer out than we did and we only went out at 4pm. I don't know how they stayed awake for nearly 24 hours but I was worn out after 8! I did enjoy watching the England Vs. Ireland rugby match in the pub though as the atmosphere was electric. I'm not a big rugby fan at all, but I do enjoy getting involved in sports matches. We went to a few bars and pubs before calling an early night at 12:30am (which wasn't really early when you consider how long we'd been drinking for!). I also got to see my lovely new friends David and Tom which was an added bonus to the weekend!

4. Mother's day didn't really go to plan - we were late setting off from Liverpool (it took us nearly two hours to get home which is double the amount it should take) so we had to cancel our walk which I was gutted about as it just seemed like a normal Sunday after that as if I'm home, we usually go for a meal out on a Sunday. After the meal we went to lay some flowers and a card on my nanna's grave. It's the first mother's day without her and it literally hurts so much that she's not here. I tweeted about it the other day but I really do not believe the theory that time heals pain as it still hurts just as much as the day she died. Whoever made that saying up is crazy!

5. Last night I went to the Fashion Network's An Evening with Fiona McIntosh at Harvey Nichols in Manchester with Sarah. It was a great event in which I learnt a lot from Grazia's founding editor. I recorded the event on my Dictaphone so I'll be blogging a thorough article about that by the end of the week! It was nice to go to an event that wasn't held in London for a change. I had been invited to a London event on the same night but chose to attend the Manchester one instead as it would have been nearly a 5 hour round trip to London and that's not including the actual event, whereas the Manchester one took me 40 minutes to commute to which I much preferred! 


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