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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Weekly Round Up

1. I'm back at university for my last couple of weeks before Easter break. I've still so much work to do but I'm looking forward to a break from classes and living in a 'city' as I am a country girl at heart with fields, peace and how everyone knows each other in the village. Plus, I can't wait to get back to playing my piano as I hate how I'm probably not as good as I used to be! I'll also be able to get back to outside outfit photos at home as I don't do that here at university. I'm still needing as many responses to my dissertation survey so if you could spare 30 seconds, it would be much appreciated:

2. We got given our graduation dates last week which has stressed me out even more as I'm terrified of failing for some reason. My mum's been trying to get organised, asking me how I order my gown and to start looking at restaurants to make reservations but right now, I've too much work on my plate to even think of an end in sight! I also can't believe how quick these three years have gone. I've completely changed as a person and I have learnt so much regarding life. 

3. With graduation four months away, I need to try and get some job applications and internships sorted. Ideally I want to work/intern in fashion/journalism/social media/PR so I'm constantly on the look out for openings. If anyone knows of any good job websites to use, please let me know! 

4. I feel really 'out of the loop' regarding current trends. It took me over a month to finally give in and download Temple Run and I'm still not one of those people bragging about how good Pinterest is or Draw Something. Who knows, maybe once the hype dies down, I might actually try them! One thing I don't mind jumping on the bandwagon to is Hunger Games. I've unfortunately not had the chance to read the books, but the film looks and from the reviews I've currently read, sounds amazing. The trailer looked pretty incredible at the cinema so within the next week I plan on seeing it. 

5. I'm in London next Thursday for an event so will hopefully see some of my lovely London friends then, as I don't get to spend too much time with them living up North! I'm thinking of heading down early and having a cheeky browse around the shops. One of my Northern friends has recently moved down there and is kindly letting me stay so it'll be nice to see how he is finding the North-South transition. 

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