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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Weekly Round Up

1. On Wednesday I came home for Easter. I was pretty annoyed as the day before my dad had driven up, taken my stuff home and the plan was I get the train back after my last class on the Wednesday. First, one of my two Tuesday classes was cancelled, then my second class only lasted about 20 minutes when it's meant to be an hour. And to top it off, my only class on a Wednesday was cancelled (whilst I was in it!). So it turns out I could have really driven home with my dad. I was going to go straight home after finding all of this out, but it was a really nice day in Preston for a change so I spent the afternoon sunbathing with my housemates in Avenham Park, which is one of the only nice spots in Preston!

2. On Thursday, I headed to the Motel Spring Blogger event in London. I had so much fun at the last event last Winter so I was massively excited for this one, and it certainly didn't disappoint. We had cocktails, wine, macaroons, popcorn, sweets, manicures, great clothes and even greater company. Check back tomorrow for a full post on the event - pictures and everything - don't say I don't spoil you ;)

3. Whilst in London, I also got to catch up with my friend who recently moved down there which was really nice. I also tried to get hold of that Marc B bag I've been banging on about for weeks now, but alas, it sadly wasn't in the flagship. I've contacted Marc B so I'm hoping I get a response about that!

4. Saturday I spent part of the day with one of my best friends, catching up and the other with my family. My mum and I spent a few hours browsing the shops down town and then booked our spa day for June as I don't want to have it until university is over, like a little reward! 

5. Today my sister and I went to Lyme Park for a walk. It's where the original Pride & Prejudice was filmed so is absolutely beautiful. There was also a festival happening at the time, Iranian New Year which we weren't expecting as it's usually peaceful and the hills were filled with barbecues, dancing and singing. 

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