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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wednesday Want: A Winge

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Around a year ago, Leighton Meester debuted a fringe, to only the next week have suddenly grown it out. Now, either she has ridiculously fast-growing hair or she was in fact rocking a winge. Up until a few days ago, I'd never really made the connection as to why it's called a winge but there you go! As far as I'm aware the above photos of Leighton are her with an actual fringe cut in and how incredibly lucky is she that she can rock both a fringe and none. Fringes do seem to be everywhere at the moment, and while I'm in no hurry to re-create my primary school days of having a fringe cut in, sometimes I wish I could switch up my look. A winge gives you the best of both worlds without the commitment, which is something that really appeals to me. Their average retail price is around £30/£40 which is quite a lot when you consider what you're getting for your money, but ASOS at the moment are selling Hersheson winges for £18.00+. Unfortunately my particular shade isn't in the sale, but the moment it does become sale-worthy, I'll be taking the plunge and attempting to rock a winge!

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