Sunday, 8 April 2012

Weekly Round Up

 Joining the gym, Rach wearing two different trainers to the gym, Getting too addicted to Draw Something, Winning tickets to Manchester Fashion Week thanks to IL2L!, Paying off our holiday to Australia in July, Trying on dresses in H&M, Charity bungee jump for Blythe House, Ordering by name at our local, One of my favourite sauces - Chips and Stilton sauce, Baking Easter cakes, Hunger Games finally and Mary Poppins on Easter Sunday

Yes, so I've joined the blogger Instagram bandwagon! This is going to be my new 'Weekly Round Up.' I've decided to change it as to be honest, my life isn't very interesting and some weeks I'd struggle to make bullet points meet! Plus, although this is my blog, I don't want it turning too much into a diary of 'today I did this, yesterday I did this...' sort of thing, if you know what I mean! I used to have a personal blog and it lasted for just over a year until I got bored. So I've turned to the amazing Instagram - it's fast becoming one of my favourite apps and thanks to Lily, I've managed to create the above photo. When using the filter I do use, I never realised how heavy that black outline is, so I'll be switching my filter from now on. My username is 'staceford' if anyone wants to follow me! There won't be this random rambling on after each Weekly Round Up, it's just to let you guys know the 'down-low' as such! 


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