Friday, 27 April 2012

What I Wore: Flower Power

Playsuit: H&M, Headband: H&M

Excuse the ridiculously obvious and somewhat childish titling of this outfit. You know when you run out of ideas and sometimes it's better to be to the point? Well this is an instance of that. This is what I wore today, I did however wear a coat when I walked to the neighbouring town as it was pretty chilly on the walk, but this is it. I wanted to feel spring like today, even though April showers are persisting. And I didn't make too much effort with my hair, just curling the ends and wearing my go-to 'Blair Waldorf' headband. I got my dissertation printed today (scary stuff) and tonight my sister is hosting a Body Shop party at our house. They're not my favourite events as I prefer to shop in a shop, but I may participate for a bit before I go back to studying. Two more assignments to go and university is over for well, ever! 


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