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Thursday, 31 May 2012

What I Wore: Blue Smock

Smock top: Primark

I remember the exact moment when I first purchased/wore this top. I think I was 16 (clothes hoarder alert!) and was heading down to London to be in the Mock the Week audience. I was super excited as back then I only went to London about once a year and I was and still am a big fan of the show. Anyway...I've been spending the last four days moving back home and clearing out 15 years of stuff to make room for what I've gained in this past year. It was pretty soul destroying and my clothes situation probably still needs looking at, as, like any girl, I own too much. I found this smock top, I'm not entirely sold as to whether I'll keep it or donate it to charity. Plus, my camera quality messed up with these photos, which doesn't help convince me. After these shoddy photos, I'm still weighing up whether to get a DSLR - not purely for my blog but for my holiday to Oz, because let's face it, I won't be going back so I want decent photos and videos!


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