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Sunday, 27 May 2012

What I Wore: I See The Sky's Still Blue

Blazer: F&F Dress: Topshop

This is what I wore on Thursday for the Next Press Day which was INCREDIBLE - a post of which shall be up ASAP, once I've managed to narrow down how many photos I have of the day! I may upload so many on here and link to a Facebook album where you can view the rest as there was so many clothes and accessories that I liked that I got rather happy snappy with my camera! This 'What I Wore' is quite late because I've been away since Thursday so had no access to my laptop, which has actually been quite nice for a change. Before I ramble on about what I got up to, I'll get back to the outfit. With it being so hot, I opted for my trusty Topshop dress which I love as it has spots, and it's blue, and it has a high yeah, pretty much everything about it. It does have a cut out back aswell but I forgot to photograph that (sorry!). Some of you may be thinking I was mad to wear tights and a jacket in the London heat, but I did have my reasons! I sat out in the sun at the start of the week, didn't realise how burnt/tanned I was getting and I ended up with some sore skin - so I thought I'd best protect if for a while. I do love this weather, everyone seems happier and it's so much healthier to be spending the majority of the day outside. Fingers crossed it lasts over the Jubilee weekend!


  1. I love your skirt, its really cute

    1. It's actually a dress - and was a complete bargain at less than a tenner :) xx


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