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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

TV/Film Fashion Icons: Gone With The Wind - Scarlett O'Hara [Part 1]

One of my favourite ever films for fashion is Gone With the Wind. Hours upon hours of fabulous frocks, enviable hairstyles and accessories that would make anyone jealous. While Scarlett's integrity as a person was sometimes questionable, her style was always impeccable. Due to the length of the film and the amount of different outfits, this post will be split into four parts - the first of which sees Scarlett in her favourite colour - red. 
Frills, frills and more frills

This opulent Victorian style dress is the first time we see Scarlett. The red velvet belt and bows stop it looking marital.

Red Piping

A full voluminous skirt and red piping give a structured ladylike look. The collar tassels add an extra detail to the ensemble. 

Lady in Red

One of the most iconic outfits of the film, this rich red velvet dress with lacy frilled collar screams luxury and elegance - not to mention matching their breathtaking staircase. 

Scarlett Woman

Quite literally, Scarlett was the Scarlett woman in this scene when she had to face the community after they caught her with her true love Ashley. Nonetheless, her outfit here was fabulously over the top with a net head-dress, diamonds and feather shoulders. 

More Maroon 

Even head to toe in maroon, Scarlett still suits the shade. The full skirt, button and gold collar and elegant up-do complete the look. 

Pink Print

One of Scarlett's more casual outfits, this war dress is understated in its print and fit. She still manages to pair it with fabulous bonnets though, so it's still Scarlett deep down. 


Saturday, 28 July 2012

What I Wore: Sydney Harbour

Jacket: H&M Dress: Primark Boots: New Look

As you can see from these photos - it was a really sunny day when we first arrived here in Sydney. We walked around Darling Harbour and went to see the Sydney Harbour bridge and Opera House which were all on the top of my Australia to-do list! Whilst it's their Winter here, it's nothing like English Winters. Anything around/below 15 degrees is classed as cold, compared to our minus temperatures! 

I wore this on Wednesday which seems a while back now for me as I have to keep remembering that I'm ahead of UK time so whilst I'm heading to bed soon, you guys are just starting your day! I'm wearing the infamous Primark dress that everyone seems to have - it's only £6 and comes in about half a dozen colours - I myself have it in three I think and although it isn't probably the best made dress in the world - it looks nice and it's lightweight to transport across the world (bonus!).

We're off to the Gold Coast tomorrow morning for a few days, which should be a little warmer so hopefully will be able to hit the beach for a few hours! I hope the weather in England stays nice for the Olympics. I have to admit, I doubt I'll be spending too much time watching it, what with the time difference!


Thursday, 26 July 2012

What I Wore: On The Way to Oz

Top: Primark Playsuit: H&M Shoes: H&M

Whilst in Singapore for our layover, I managed to snap a couple of outfit photos. These were taken in the Butterfly Garden which was lovely and I got to enjoy the beautiful city for half a day before jetting off to Sydney where I currently am. It's been hard adjusting to the different time zone and the flight was exhausting, but I'm so far loving it out here. Today my sister and I did the Bridge Climb and tomorrow we're going to the Blue Mountains! 

I'd originally travelled in a similar outfit with my white H&M pants but when we landed in Changi Airport at 6am, the temperature was already 27 degrees so I switched into my playsuit and tights (which was still actually over-dressed!). 


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

What I Wore: Military Jacket

Jacket: Primark Dress: H&M

When in doubt, I turn to something navy, maybe military and always a red lip. I love the fit of this jacket and the piping gold detail adds to the style. It nips in at the waist to give a more defined figure, however I like to wear mine open. I wore it with this zip front dress, which I also own as a maxi dress and thick tights because Summer's never going to happen! 


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What I Wore: Peter Pan

Jacket: H&M Dress: H&M Shoes: H&M
Hurrah, sort-of full-length outfit photos for once! It might catch on with me, who knows? Considering I like the peter pan collar on this dress, I've only ever worn this once before for my 20th night out at Bredbury Hall. As you can see, this dress does wrinkle really easily but the fit and style of the dress outweigh that for me. I teamed it with this jacket rather than a blazer to stop it looking too formal. I also got to road-test my new shoes from H&M. I've been eyeing them up for a few weeks now in store and since my current everyday wedge heels are on their last legs, I thought I'd buy some new ones in time for my holiday!


Monday, 23 July 2012

Review: Primark Hair Doughnut Vs. Boots Hair Doughnut

Primark hair doughnut (left): £1 Boots hair doughnut (right): £5

I regularly turn to my hair doughnuts when styling my hair, and quite frankly, could not live without them. When I bought my first in late 2010, they were pretty hard to get hold of. I paid around £5 (maybe slightly more) for my Boots hair doughnut. Nowadays £5 is a lot of money to pay for one, when you can pick one up in your local Primark for a measly £1. Having used both of them, I thought I'd review them against each other to see if paying that little extra pays off.

First off, they are different colours. I bought the Primark one in a brown shade so that I had both options. The colour really doesn't make much difference to me though, as I don't ever see it coming through! They are roughly the same size and of the same material, however I did find a few differences. The Primark one has a tighter fitting when wearing, compared to the Boots one which is a little looser. I do prefer the tighter fit as I'm less worried about my hairstyle falling out of place. Over time, the Boots one seems to have lost its shape and slightly unravel compared to the Primark one. I have owned the Boots one longer, however overall, I think the Primark hair doughnut is better value for money. £1 is nothing and even if it did lose its shape, it's hardly expensive to replace. I definitely wouldn't pay £5 for one today and only did back then because they weren't widely available. 

What do you think of hair doughnuts? 


Saturday, 21 July 2012

Review: BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer

BM Beauty - Summer Warmth Bronzer*

I've never been a 'bronzed babe' when it comes to make-up as I always worry that when I'm out and get hot, my face will radiate it's own natural (unpretty) glow, so I don't need anything else adding to that equation. However, BM Beauty's Summer Warmth Bronzer may have just changed my mindset completely. The product aims to "add a touch of Summer warmth to your face." While it can't fix this awful British weather, it follows through on its promise. If you read my blog, you'll know I'm quite pale and whilst some days I can rock that look, other days I look plain washed out, which is when I've been turning to this bronzer. Before I carry on gushing about what I love about this product, I must point out that one drawback with this sample size is the packaging as the product does go everywhere in use. However, you could also argue that I'm getting more for my money having it as full as it is. The full size version looks like it comes in a much better structured pot so I'm sure this problem could be resolved! 

The colour was one of the first things that struck me. Unlike some bronzers where the colour seems quite flat, bland and brown, this one ironically has a warmth to it and a sort of gleam! Upon applying, the product is incredibly soft on the skin and is effortless to blend. An instant glow transformed my cheeks and a little goes a long way - after all, you don't want to look like a six year old playing make-up with your mum's cosmetics! It gives me a pick me up and healthy glow and what also appeals to me is the price. £8.00 is the RRP for the full size which I think is incredibly good value given the results I got. 

What are your favourite bronzers? 


Thursday, 19 July 2012

What I Wore: Military Meets Fur

Top: H&M Shorts: H&M Hat: H&M
I never thought I'd be needing my winter hat in July. May, maybe. June, perhaps - but July? It really is quite depressing. I got this hat at the beginning of the year and although my family always mock me for wearing it, I still like it! I'm going to take it with me to Oz if we go and visit the Blue Mountains. It's only a few days till we go, but still doesn't feel real yet. I bought these shorts in the H&M sale recently and really like the fit and material - which is surprising as I've not been that keen on their Summer sale. I always seem to get more excited about Autumn/Winter collections than Spring/Summer as I love darker hues, faux fur (like this hat), jumpers and pretty coats, so I'm excited to start seeing new collections and lookbooks/catalogues emerge. 

Are you more of a Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter person? 


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What I Wore: Fresh Start

Shirt: H&M Shorts: Miss Selfridge Necklace: Forever 21

These days I'm trying to rock the red lipstick-less look. I love the crispness of this baby blue shirt so teamed it with some whiter than white short shorts. The high-waisted fit really appeals to me and I finished the look off with my new Forever 21 necklace. I'm not keen on long necklaces which is one of the reasons I bought this one. I think it stops the shirt looking too boardroom and formal, well, hopefully!

With graduation recently coming and going, I'm entering a new chapter of my life. A few of my friends told me I'd miss being a student and right now - that's partly true. Whilst the work wasn't always fun, one thing I did like about being a student was the structure. When Summer came around, I always knew I'd be back at uni come September and have a routine and direction. Now, I feel a little lost. Job-wise I know exactly what I want to do, but in this current climate, getting the job you want to do seems to be a rarity. 


Monday, 16 July 2012

Review: Tesco's Firm Hold Hairspray

Tesco's Firm Hold Hairspray: Under a £1 

Not a usual type of review, as I more often that not buy my beauty products from either Boots or Superdrug due to offers or my loyalty cards. However one particular product that I always buy from the supermarket is hairspray and my favourite is this Tesco's one. Unfortunately I don't know the exact price as to be honest I don't pay much attention when I'm doing a weekly shop, but I know it's definitely under £1 so cheap as chips! Whilst some may think of me as a cheapskate, I have tried lots of branded and more expensive hairsprays and they don't really do a lot for me, which is why I stick to this one. As far as the packaging is concerned, it's unlikely to set your world on fire, but that doesn't really bother me as I'm not going to be carrying it around with me, it's just a case of a quick spray in the morning and go. 

On the can it claims to "give you a long lasting firm hold" which "brushes out easily, leaving your hair shiny and easy to manage." It definitely lasts for ages! I rarely ever do a top-up spray as a little goes a long way. Regarding a firm hold, it definitely does what it says on the tin, well, can. To this date, I've never used a hairspray that holds my hair so well. My styles stay in, regardless of what the weather is like outside which is great for me as I'm quite lazy about touch ups. I also agree that it is surprisingly easy to brush out as although I do struggle with my styles sometimes, it's more to do with how much I back-comb my hair than the hairspray itself. According to the can, it also states that it has "pro-vitamin B5 to help strengthen and nourish your hair." Again, I back-comb my hair an awful lot (terrible I know!) so I can't really comment on whether my hair feels any more nourished than usual because I probably do more damage with a brush, which cancels out any attempt by the hairspray to care for my hair. 

So a really positive review from me. I'm not being paid by Tesco's to write such a 'glowing review', I just really like the product and it's great value for money. 

Do you have any brands that you stay loyal to when choosing hairsprays? 


Sunday, 15 July 2012

What I Wore: Grad Gown

(Top 4 - me), Mum, me and dad, Dad and me, Clare and me, Mum and me, Clare and me, The ceremony, Me on stage, Clare and me, Housemates, Natalie and me

A week on, I thought I'd share with you some Graduation photos. I have to admit, I didn't expect the gown to be as heavy as it was and had visions of me tripping over on stage, which luckily didn't happen. We got to do the cap tossing in the ceremony which was fun but I was a little apprehensive about throwing mine too far as you get charged if you don't return the entire outfit - my friend Natalie ended up returning a man's hat, after she threw hers somewhere random!

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