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Monday, 23 July 2012

Review: Primark Hair Doughnut Vs. Boots Hair Doughnut

Primark hair doughnut (left): £1 Boots hair doughnut (right): £5

I regularly turn to my hair doughnuts when styling my hair, and quite frankly, could not live without them. When I bought my first in late 2010, they were pretty hard to get hold of. I paid around £5 (maybe slightly more) for my Boots hair doughnut. Nowadays £5 is a lot of money to pay for one, when you can pick one up in your local Primark for a measly £1. Having used both of them, I thought I'd review them against each other to see if paying that little extra pays off.

First off, they are different colours. I bought the Primark one in a brown shade so that I had both options. The colour really doesn't make much difference to me though, as I don't ever see it coming through! They are roughly the same size and of the same material, however I did find a few differences. The Primark one has a tighter fitting when wearing, compared to the Boots one which is a little looser. I do prefer the tighter fit as I'm less worried about my hairstyle falling out of place. Over time, the Boots one seems to have lost its shape and slightly unravel compared to the Primark one. I have owned the Boots one longer, however overall, I think the Primark hair doughnut is better value for money. £1 is nothing and even if it did lose its shape, it's hardly expensive to replace. I definitely wouldn't pay £5 for one today and only did back then because they weren't widely available. 

What do you think of hair doughnuts? 



  1. I've also got a Primark one but hardly ever use it really! I find it so difficult to put in to be honest. Probably doesn't help that I have quite thin hair though. Do you have any tips for using them? I have tried following tutorials, but I still can't manage, haha. xoxo

    1. I know the feeling! When I first bought mine, I was completely clueless and I just had to make it up as I went along! I don't wear mine the conventional way as I like to have a big voluminous bun. I have thin hair too - I just use a lot of back combing and hairspray! I'm thinking of doing a tutorial on it actually so hopefully that will help :) xxx


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