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Monday, 16 July 2012

Review: Tesco's Firm Hold Hairspray

Tesco's Firm Hold Hairspray: Under a £1 

Not a usual type of review, as I more often that not buy my beauty products from either Boots or Superdrug due to offers or my loyalty cards. However one particular product that I always buy from the supermarket is hairspray and my favourite is this Tesco's one. Unfortunately I don't know the exact price as to be honest I don't pay much attention when I'm doing a weekly shop, but I know it's definitely under £1 so cheap as chips! Whilst some may think of me as a cheapskate, I have tried lots of branded and more expensive hairsprays and they don't really do a lot for me, which is why I stick to this one. As far as the packaging is concerned, it's unlikely to set your world on fire, but that doesn't really bother me as I'm not going to be carrying it around with me, it's just a case of a quick spray in the morning and go. 

On the can it claims to "give you a long lasting firm hold" which "brushes out easily, leaving your hair shiny and easy to manage." It definitely lasts for ages! I rarely ever do a top-up spray as a little goes a long way. Regarding a firm hold, it definitely does what it says on the tin, well, can. To this date, I've never used a hairspray that holds my hair so well. My styles stay in, regardless of what the weather is like outside which is great for me as I'm quite lazy about touch ups. I also agree that it is surprisingly easy to brush out as although I do struggle with my styles sometimes, it's more to do with how much I back-comb my hair than the hairspray itself. According to the can, it also states that it has "pro-vitamin B5 to help strengthen and nourish your hair." Again, I back-comb my hair an awful lot (terrible I know!) so I can't really comment on whether my hair feels any more nourished than usual because I probably do more damage with a brush, which cancels out any attempt by the hairspray to care for my hair. 

So a really positive review from me. I'm not being paid by Tesco's to write such a 'glowing review', I just really like the product and it's great value for money. 

Do you have any brands that you stay loyal to when choosing hairsprays? 


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  1. I think you have a point, but you should also look into the Shielo Firm Hold Hairspray - it holds very well and still allows movement where you want it. It does not have that nasty aerosol smell, quite pleasant. It doesn't give your hair that dark, stiffy hair spray look either. I'm impressed and really like it. The only down side is the price, but it does do what its suppose to and its worth it.


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