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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

TV/Film Fashion Icons: Gone With The Wind - Scarlett O'Hara [Part 1]

One of my favourite ever films for fashion is Gone With the Wind. Hours upon hours of fabulous frocks, enviable hairstyles and accessories that would make anyone jealous. While Scarlett's integrity as a person was sometimes questionable, her style was always impeccable. Due to the length of the film and the amount of different outfits, this post will be split into four parts - the first of which sees Scarlett in her favourite colour - red. 
Frills, frills and more frills

This opulent Victorian style dress is the first time we see Scarlett. The red velvet belt and bows stop it looking marital.

Red Piping

A full voluminous skirt and red piping give a structured ladylike look. The collar tassels add an extra detail to the ensemble. 

Lady in Red

One of the most iconic outfits of the film, this rich red velvet dress with lacy frilled collar screams luxury and elegance - not to mention matching their breathtaking staircase. 

Scarlett Woman

Quite literally, Scarlett was the Scarlett woman in this scene when she had to face the community after they caught her with her true love Ashley. Nonetheless, her outfit here was fabulously over the top with a net head-dress, diamonds and feather shoulders. 

More Maroon 

Even head to toe in maroon, Scarlett still suits the shade. The full skirt, button and gold collar and elegant up-do complete the look. 

Pink Print

One of Scarlett's more casual outfits, this war dress is understated in its print and fit. She still manages to pair it with fabulous bonnets though, so it's still Scarlett deep down. 


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