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Sunday, 1 July 2012

What I Wore: Purple Polkadots

Blouse: Primark Skirt: New Look Bracelet: Freedom at Topshop
I think purple is fast becoming one of my favourite colours. I've always liked it, but my collection is growing now, which is odd considering my hatred towards pink and the two colours aren't that far off each other. So a few things have changed recently. I've moved to Flickr to see if their image hosting is any better (any other suggestions, please let me know!), I've turned 21 and I've started shooting my outfit photos indoors. This is for many reasons - one, the weather really annoys me when taking photos outside - the wind means I have to take double the photos necessary. Two, I always have lighting problems and 80% of my photos end up overexposed and three, I always ran indoors whenever my neighbours came outside (and let's face it, I don't think they'd understand why I'm stood outside taking numerous photos of myself...blogger problems or what eh?). 

Anyway, back to the outfit. I already have this blouse in mint which I paid the original price for a few months back in Primark. This one was in the sale last week for a measly £3.00 so I had to snap it up! I teamed it with my New Look skirt and my new Topshop skull bracelet which I love. I may do a post on my recent jewellery purchases as I'm starting to get 'back into' jewellery again! 


  1. Hello bargain buy! Love this look, and I must say I am always so jealous of your hair x

    1. I know! Gotta love a bargain right?! Thank you - it was having a good day, most of the time it hates me and it's straight into a bun! xx


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