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Monday, 6 August 2012

What I Wore: Blue Mountains

Blazer: F&F Dress: Primark Trousers: H&M Shoes: Primark Bag: Primark

Yeah, so my whole 'keep up blogging whilst in Australia' didn't go to plan... But I am still here! A delayed outfit post, but this is what I wore on our tour to the stunning Blue Mountains. Back in England I would usually team this dress with tights and heels, but up in the mountains, that won't do - so out came the long t-shirts, trousers and gasp, flats! I still kept it me by whacking on the pink lippy! From what I've seen on the internet, this Primark bag has proven really popular in the UK - I love mine and if there's any left when I get back, I'll buy another as some of my studs/rivets/whatever you want to call them have come off! 

Life here is so different in many ways - I've found it to be much more expensive - $4/$5 for a bottle of coke (I usually pay £1 back home!) and $30 for standard bouquet of flowers when I usually pick one up for about a fiver! Tipping in restaurants doesn't happen here which was weird to get my head around but the quality of life seems better. Yes, it's Winter here now - but their 'Winter' is 16 degrees. That's a UK SPRING DAY. I wouldn't mind Winters with these temperatures - you can only imagine the temperatures in Summer! Anyway, before I ramble on anymore about my vacation, I'll stop! I've just flown back from Melbourne so have internet access again so I'll try and get the blogging ball rolling again!



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  2. I live in Brisbane (australia) so it's really funny to read your point of view on lifestyle here! keep up the posts (even though you are on holiday :P ) i like your blog!

    1. Ah, awesome! I hope I haven't offended you or any other Ozzies with my writing! I don't want to leave Australia - your weather is MUCH better ha xx

  3. Awesome outfit!Looks very nice in this outfit.


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