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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

DIY: Collar Studding

I am a huge fan of the studded trend but not so much with the expensive price of studded pieces in the shops. Thankfully, after reading Zoe's quick and easy guide to studding I thought I'd give the DIY-ing a go. 

Whilst I love being creative, I often shy away from fashion DIY as I'm scared to make a mistake and ruin a piece I love. However, after completing this collar in less than 10 minutes, I'm kicking myself for not trying it out sooner! 

For my first studding DIY, I chose to play it safe with a plain black blouse. Whilst I love the simplicity of it, I also thought it would have a completely different look after studding and a little 'jazzing up.' I'm not sure what the official name of these studs is (sorry!) so apologies for my make-do description but they're a cone top with a squeeze fitting at the bottom. What I love about these particular studs is that not only do they look great but they don't make a mess of the clothing/item when studding, which means if you change your mind or mood and want to remove the studding, no trace will be left! 

First you need to decide how many studs you plan to use and have a rough idea of the look you want to achieve. I wanted to create a triangular effect with the studs so pierced my first stud at the tip of the collar. When you remove the bottom of the fitting, you can see that the stud itself is sharp enough to pierce through the material without needing scissors which is a bonus (just be careful not to hurt yourself in the process!).

If you're happy with the location of your studding then get hold of the back fastening (pictured above) and clip it back onto the bottom of the stud securely. 

 And that's your first stud done - see how easy that was?! If like me, you're after a symmetrical effect, I switched back and forth to each side of the collar when studding to make sure it was evenly pierced. 

Blouse: Primark, Studs: River Island

And there you go - there's your DIY studded collar. A quick and cheap way to update your look and your wardrobe. The only downside is you may, like me, catch the studding bug. 

Are you a fan of fashion DIY? Have you studded before? 


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