Monday, 3 September 2012

How Much is Your Face Worth?

My everyday make-up
I saw this post crop up on Lily's blog last week and thought I'd give the tag, started by Louise, a go. I rarely do personal beauty posts or close-up photos, hence this one being a holiday snap in Sydney but I'm up for something new! If you haven't heard about this tag already, it's basically where you list what make-up products you use on your face, totalling up the cost to see how much your face is worth. Obviously what you use on your face can and does change on a day-to-day basis, but I'm going to go off what my average (if you can use that word with make-up) face has been for the past couple of weeks. I've stopped wearing red lipstick religiously so I've thankfully that's one less thing to put on in the morning. 

Mac Studio Fix Fluid NC15 - £19.50, Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Cream Stick* - £19, No7 Perfect Loose Powder - £11.50, Rimmel Jet Black Eyeliner - £2.99, Rimmel Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil - £2.99, HD Brows Brow Beater* - £14.95

Total = £70.93
Compared to some totals I've read, I think I've got a relatively cheap face as far as products go. I try to put as little on my face as possible, not only to save me pennies but also because my hair takes me long enough to sort out in the morning without having to spend ages on my face. I rarely use much powder on my face so if it was a cost per wear, my total would probably be a little lower. I'm actually trying to find a cheaper equivalent to Mac's Studio Fix Fluid so if anyone knows of one - please let me know! I'm tempted to buy the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation as I've heard good things about that! 

Share your 'How Much is Your Face Worth' posts below! Have you been shocked by your total, or pleasantly surprised? 


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  1. Hello you!
    Is the rimmel eyeliner a pencil or other form? i'm always after a pencil liner that doesnt smudge after 2 minutes! is this it!? whatever it is it looks good on you! I did this post back in October, but my normal make up hasn't changed much since then! its here



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