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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Review: Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick in Nude

Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick in Nude: £19*

Only a few months ago I reviewed this product after receiving a sample pack in my June Glossybox. However as I was very kindly sent the full size product, I thought I'd re-review it (if that's even a word) as I can now give you my thoughts on my specific shade and whether my love of the product has lasted over time. 

The product claims to "camouflage minor to severe skin flaws and also contains SPF 30." It is also fragrance free, hypo-allergenic and resistant to water and perspiration. "The new stick format is dual purpose, an all over foundation and localised concealer. With extreme hold for up to 12 hours it is a handy sized, accessible product for all women."

Although I stated in my previous review that I used the 'Nude' shade sparingly, I actually decided upon that shade as I really liked the glow it gave me as I already have a skintone make-up match in my Mac Studio Fix Fluid. Whenever I wore my Studio Fix foundation, I rarely went out without finishing my look with a red lip, as I felt I was too pale to pull off a more neutral lip. However since using this Vichy concealer, it has completely changed my make-up choices. I now, more often than not, will opt for a nude or neutral lip as opposed to my classic postbox red. Which not only gives me a more versatile look, but also means I have one less thing to touch up on my face and worry about leaving marks on drinking glasses!

I do regularly wear this make-up so it will probably be present in a lot of my 'What I Wore' posts, however one special occasion I did try this concealer on was my graduation. Below is my professional graduation photo so you can see what you think of the concealer. 

Bearing in mind I wore the make-up from about 7am right through till 10pm, it was incredibly long-lasting and didn't let me down through all the running around, nerves and excitement of the day. 

The concealer is a tad darker than my actual skin tone but I actually like that. Some days I'll use the concealer alone, and others I'll use it on top of my other foundations. Either way, it hides any blemishes, dark circles or imperfections perfectly. A little goes a long, long way because of how pigmented the product is. As I said in my previous review, I find the best way to apply is to get the product onto a brush and point the brush like a dart at your face and dab it on slowly to build up coverage rather than over-apply and run the risk of looking cakey. 

Without sounding cheesy, this product has given me a lot of confidence as I'm now comfortable again wearing no lipstick and embracing the 'non-red-lipstick' side of life. As you can probably guess I will most definitely be purchasing this product as I've had such a great experience with it. 

Have you tried this concealer before? What did you think of it?

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  1. I love this concealer! It's been my go to for months now and I love it! You should try the Dermnablend foundation. Also very good! Cute picture btw :)


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