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Monday, 29 October 2012

Review: L'Oreal Excellence Creme in Natural Dark Brown

l'Oreal Excellence Creme in Dark Brown - £6.99

Considering I've used this product religiously for the past five years, I thought it best to review it. I've been dying my hair for god knows how long and have stuck to the same shade for pretty much all my 'hair dying life.' I tried various different brands before I decided on L'Oreal. When colouring my hair, I tend to use two boxes due to how long it is, and more often than not it's on offer for 2 for £9.99 or 2 for £10 so it's a cheap alternative to going to the hairdressers where you'd fork out at least £70 for a colour. I used to get my hair coloured professionally but after one too many hair disasters, I decided to colour it at home - after all, I'd rather make a hair mistake myself for £10 - rather than waste £70. 

Using L'Oreal Excellence is extremely easy - there's step by step instructions and the products are letter labelled so you can't get the order wrong in which to use them. Before applying the dye itself, you use the 'Pre-Colour treatment' all over your hair but especially the ends where you're most likely to have damage. You then mix B (Creme Developer) and C (Creme Colourant) to get the colour, and once you have your gloves on (D) - you're set to go! You can apply the colour with a comb device but because of how little I dye my hair, I just throw it on. If you're working on just your roots, it's best to apply to your roots first and then towards the end of developing, pull the rest of the product through to the ends of your hair. However, as I dye my hair maybe once or twice a year - I leave it on quite long to make sure the colour really sets in. 

After developing, I then shampoo as normal and use the L'Oreal Excellence conditioner, which smells lovely! So why do I continuously use this product? It's a long lasting and rich colour and looks natural - so much so that I even forget I dye my hair when people ask about my hair history. And another big reason I love it is because it doesn't damage my hair - I even find that my hair is in BETTER condition after using this, which is slightly bizarre, but I'm not complaining. It is one of the pricer colourants on the high street but I think it's worth every penny so I'd definitely recommend it!


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