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Monday, 3 December 2012

Event: Daisy Street Bloggers Event

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On Thursday night I headed to the Daisy Street bloggers event for a night of food, fun and fashion preview. From disco pants to dresses and sky high heels to shirts, the stock was suitably festive for the season ahead. As well as great clothes, it was great to be among fellow bloggers at a Northern event, because let's face - they don't happen very often, so a big thank you to Daisy Street and Punk PR for organising one, and hopefully many more to come!

My favourite piece of the night was a black faux fur coat. I've been eyeing up buying one for a while what with the weather taking a turn for the worse and nothing says Christmas more than some faux fur! 

Do you have a current favourite piece or pieces from Daisy Street? 



  1. Looks like such an amazing event! :) x

  2. looks like loads of fun

    xo Cassy

  3. I went for the black cross jumper - there was so much to choose from!

    Shame I didn't get to say hi at the event.

    Now following :)

  4. The daisy street blogger event is shared here. Know all about it


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