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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Review: Carino Miracle Oil

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Carino Miracle Oil: £3.99

The blogging world was dominated in 2012 by Moroccan Hair Oil. It was on Glossyboxes, blog posts and it was the hair oil to be using. Whilst I was admittedly curious, I could never bring myself to spending £30 on a hair product when I know that I have can achieve relatively good hair for under a fiver. So when I read this review on Becki's blog post, I thought I'd try a cheaper alternative. 

Now, there's no two ways about it, Aldi have obviously taken inspiration off the Moroccan Oil where design is concerned. It took me quite a while to get hold of this product which only increased my excitement when I finally got my hands on it! At around the £4 mark, it's a much more affordable version of the famous product. 

I always say I have quite temperamental hair. Literally one day it'll be great and the next it'll be a nightmare. Other than that, I have quite long and fine hair but as my friend says, I have a lot of it! I used the oil after washing and before blow-drying. It did feel strange putting the oil on my hair but it did dry quite nicely. After using the product about half a dozen times, it hasn't won me over half as much as I thought it would, but I think that's more down to my hair type. I find with my hair that the more products I put on it, the more aggravated it gets. While I think oils work fantastically on other people, my hairdresser admitted that they probably weren't that beneficial for me and my hair - and I agree. Saying that, I think it's an amazing dupe and makes these popular oils much more attractive for those on a budget or who, like me, are curious as to whether these hair oils are worth all of the hype!


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