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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Review: Nice'N'Easy Root Touch Up

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Nice'N'Easy Root Touch Up in Dark Brown

Whilst I fortunately don't have to colour my hair that often, my roots will often need a touch up after a month which is when I turn to Nice'N'Easy. I'm not sure that there is currently any other similar product to this so I can't really compare it to anything else. I would have taken photos of the process and what you do but not only is it incredibly straight forward but I don't want to get dye all over my camera!

What do you get? Well, a pair of gloves (and believe me - you need them!), instructions (useful for your first few times), a mixing tray, an application brush and the two activating solutions. Before you do this, I'd recommend you have cleared the area of anything you don't want to stain, are wearing an old t-shirt, have an old towel ready and some make-up wipes which you can use to quickly get rid of dye marks. I'd say it takes roughly the same amount of time to touch up your roots as opposed to dying your full head which sounds bizarre as you're not covering half as much hair, but it requires much more precision! 
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Once you've put your gloves on and have mixed the solutions in the mixing tray, find your everyday parting. I tend to spend more time covering the areas of hair that are most on show - so my parting and around my hairline. Although saying that, try to not go too crazy on the amount of product you first use to make sure you leave some for your layers underneath. I'd also recommend that you have a big hair claw grip on standby when you have to separate your hair. 

I work my way down my hair, sectioning off layer by layer and switching between each side of my hair to give an even coating. When I get to the layers underneath my head, I grip it all up and as carefree as it sounds, just brush on where I guess it needs doing. Luckily the dye doesn't stain your skin for long and as it's at the back of my head, I'm not too bothered. Try not to get any on your face however, as it's quite visible for a few days if you do stain it!

As it develops, you notice it getting much darker. You're meant to leave it on for about 10/15 minutes, leaving it till 20/25 if you have stubborn greys. Because I have quite blonde baby hairs at the front, I leave it for at least 15 minutes before washing out. 

Price wise, it retails around the £4.20 mark. My full head dye costs about £6.90 so it is quite pricey in comparison to the amount of hair I'm covering but it does a great job and you can sometimes get it on offer, I tend to stock up in the 3 for 2 in Boots for example. And let's face it, it's cheaper and less hassle than going to a hairdressers! 


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