Wednesday, 12 December 2012

What I Wore: She Wore Blue Velvet

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Coat: Boohoo, Dress: New Look, Collar: New Look, Shoes: Boohoo

I have a love/hate relationship with velvet. I think it looks gorgeous, but I'm one of those people who has that irrational fear of the feel of it...Y'know, when you touch it the wrong way and it goes through you - no? Just me? Okay...

So anyway, this type of velvet (the crushed kind) is always popular this time of year, which is perfect considering the dress is a year old! I know a lot of people have started to plan their Christmas Day outfits already. I would be wearing this but I wore it last Christmas and I fancy something new. I've tried to update it with this cute crochet collar. I've recently had an obsession with all things collar-y (probably definitely not a word...) and this one is no exception. Company magazine did a feature last month about DIY-ing your own which I'm actually going to try. I say 'I'm going to try' which basically translates to: 'I'll watch whilst my mother (who is much better at all of this craft stuff) tries' - it's who you know right?! When I bought this collar it was buy one get one free accessories in New Look which is a fantastic offer. I of course bought another collar in the offer, which I'm sure will creep its way onto an outfit post soon.

I'm loving my bow coat. My sister tried to talk me out of keeping it so I would pass it onto her, but sorry Clare, that's not happening! It's strange because one minute I want to be edgy in my fashion but the next I see some pretty bows, a cute crochet collar and BAM, I'm back to wanting to be Blair Waldorf (minus all the drama but still with Chuck Bass). But I guess that's what I love about fashion, that one minute you can be edgy and out there and the next you can draw it back in.

I'm back at work today after two days off. I had a really nice time catching up with friends which I guess I took for granted before I started working. But it makes me appreciate the time I have with people more now. And with Christmas around the corner, I'm welcoming another break soon!

Are you a fan of velvet? 



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