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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Glossybox // January

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A new year, a new you - well, that's what a lot of people aim for. The January Glossybox* is a detox, waving goodbye to bad habits and welcoming new positive changes. I particularly like the personal touch of the resolutions the Glossybox staff have set themselves. All that aside, what did I get in mine? 

Jason: 'Lips Bee Healthier' Lip Balm
I rarely wear anything but lipstick on my lips (for fear of my hair getting stuck to my lips) but I am intrigued about this product as I've had dry lips recently so I'm hoping this sorts that. With a combination of Beeswax, Vitamin E and Green Tea Extract, it's a cocktail of goodness for your lips but will it live up to its claims of leaving lips soft? Upon first impressions it smells lovely and leaves my lips tingly but most importantly softer. I'll be interested to see what the long-term effects of using this are and whether it manages to give my lips the TLC they deserve! It retails at £1.99 which is very reasonable for a lip product. 

Premae: Balance Rescue Face Tonique 
I'm a little apprehensive with face products, especially toners after experiencing a reaction but this one has claims I can't really ignore. The product is said to "cut through trapped dirt, excess oil and closes pronounced pores." I've notice a big change in my skin type over this past year and I think this product would really suit my type now, plus it's 100% allergy and alcohol-free which is an added bonus! It retails at £17.50 which is a little pricey considering what I normally use but who knows, it may convert me!

Vichy: Normaderm 3 in 1 Cleanser
Unfortunately I've already tried this product, but such is the luck of the draw with these beauty boxes. You can read my review of this product here, but to put it shortly, I do really like this product and am a Vichy fan overall. It retails at £11 which is very reasonable considering how long this product will last you. 

Sanctuary Spa: Active Reverse Thermal Transformation Mask 
I'm always up for trying new masks as I think they work well on my skin. I am however disappointed at the size of this sample as I never really get much out of sachets and you can get a lot of these free with magazines. As I haven't tried a thermal clay mask, I will definitely test this product but it will take a lot to convince me with the product retailing at £27.50. 

Monu: Renu Flash Relax Mask 
Another mask which isn't ideal but its name is interesting. I've been feeling a little, well a lot, run down recently and very 'blah' about life so a relaxing mask is right up my street. This particular one claims to "smooth fine lines and helps to firm facial contours for an instance face-lift effect." I've been paranoid about lines for a few years now so hopefully a product like this will put those worries at bay! It retails at £32 which again is a little bit more expensive than what I would normally pay but if it's as good as it claims, it may just be worth every penny...

I also got a Glossybox eye mask with this month's box which was good to get outside of the other five products. I feel that my box this month was mask heavy, with three mask products and then an eye mask but this is the detox month so I guess my skin could benefit from some pampering...just not with every product at once!

What did you think of this month's Glossybox? 


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