Monday, 21 January 2013

What I Wore: Minty Fresh

Outfit face
Hat: Primark, Blazer: F&F, Dress: Primark
I usually try and do outfit posts twice a week, what with being unable to do them during the working week. However as we spent the day sledging on Saturday, the 'I've rolled down a snowy hill' look really wasn't made for Lookbook.

 We spent the Sunday doing the less strenuous activities of attending church and at a wedding fayre. I usually only attend church once a year at Christmas time so it was a nice change compared to my usual lie-in. The snow's still pretty bad here but I'm trying to plough through (no pun intended). Luckily although these are heels, they're wedges with a really good grip (I say this now but wait until I fall over...).

It seems like most of England has been covered in a blanket of snow which is rare. As much as I love the snow at the weekend, it's a bit of nightmare for me to get to work - plus trying to dress stylish whilst practical is always a tough balance!

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  1. LOVE this look babes. Your complexion in the snow is like a bloody fairytale! hope to see your pretty face soon lady x


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