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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Primark Haul

So after much deliberation, I've published my first YouTube video...I say 'first' but I've actually been using YouTube for a good number of years but never for videos that actually involved me so it's pretty nerve-wracking! I thought I'd start off with a video that I know that I watch quite a lot - a Primark haul. Unfortunately it's not so much of a haul as I intended. As this was my first video, I was testing my camera, panicked a fair bit, forgot to feature some other things I'd actually bought and then it only ended up being 4 minutes long. So if you're expecting a whopper of a haul, then sorry!

I'm hoping with time and more videos I become more 'natural' in front of the camera. Whilst I'm on the subject, I do applaud anyone who does these videos as it's pretty scary putting yourself out there. I hate myself on film and my voice, and I was tempted to get my sister to film the video or not film my face but then I thought: "What's the point?", if you're going to do videos, it has to be of you. So yeah, I've even rambled on this - but in short, please go easy on me!

All of what you see on here is currently in the shops. If you make Primark hauls then please leave a link to your video/your account as I do honestly love watching them!

If this video hasn't put you off - you can find my account here

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