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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tartan Scarf

Scarf: Primark, Shirt: New Look, Skirt: boohoo
So it's safe to say that I'm all over tartan this season. I think it's a mix of it being a rich pattern and wanting to emulate Cher from Clueless. I wanted a tartan scarf last Autumn/Winter but never found one, so when I spotted this beauty on Look's website, I headed straight to Primark in search of it. And then I ended coming out with ten other items... I would feel guilty but with Primark, what you pay for a dozen items - you'd only get one or two pieces in another store. Well that's what I keep telling myself anyway.

A lot of what I bought was tartan also - I may do a haul post on what I got. I did dip my toes into the haul video world but I'm really not sure it's for me - I've always been much more of a writer than a talker.

As much as I'm sad to say goodbye to Summer (this year more than others), I am excited to wearing jumpers and boots and pretty coats. Although it means I may have to refresh my coats as let's face it - we practically live in our coats come the colder months.

I'm so shocked at how cold it is already. Before I went away it was still quite warm and then I came home and it was like we'd sped up a few weeks and had made it to October's climate already. Luckily there's scarves like these to keep me snug.
In other news I got my hair cut last week - not a big deal for many I realise - but for me - it is. I've not had anything dramatic - just tidying it up and getting rid of dead ends. It does feel considerably shorter but I'm sure I'll get used to it - and I'd rather have healthy hair than not. I've also noticed that my colour is lightening up - helped by going away - it has more of a reddy-brown tint to it. I'm happy to let the colour come through for now, but if it starts getting too light - the dye will be back on.

I've toyed with going back light and closer to my natural colour - I even went on one of those internet makeover tools (Marie Claire I think it was) and tried on a few lighter coloured hairstyles but my mum was quick to dismiss - saying how she only sees me as having dark hair now - which isn't surprising since I've been dark for over five years. Maybe when Summer eventually comes back around, I'll re-evaluate - but for now, I'm still dark, and along with that - because of the fast approaching frost - my Summer tan will quickly go and I'll be back to being pale waaaah.

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