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Thursday, 17 October 2013



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Dress: Primark
Every now and then Primark brings out a real fashion find, and for me, this season - this is it. I love black jumpers, and shirts are a staple in my wardrobe, so when I spotted a combination of both for less than £15, I nearly tore the rail apart to find my size.

It's a really classic piece that won't age through trend changes and seasons. Monochrome never goes out of fashion and whilst in winter you can wear with tights and a a big statement coat - come spring/summer you can flash some flesh and get your legs out.

I decided to take the 60s vibe further by bringing out the bouffant hairstyle which seems to be my go-to look these days.
It's really strange as rewind a few years ago and I wouldn't leave the house without washing my hair and having a red lip and now I can manage both (although a red lip almost always cheers me up). Plus there's more to life than hair - but as Aussie says - it's a good place to start. That was not a sponsored mention by the way - I just think they have good marketing, as hey - I remembered it!

Hair and make-up can really affect your look which is something I've grown more confident with as I've got older. Like fashion, there's certain hairstyles that I look back on and cringe (side ponytails for one...) but that's all part of the fun of life - you've got to learn to laugh at yourself.

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  1. oh this is such a lovely look! I debated buying the dress but i was unsure, it looks amazing on you so i may have to go back and get it! aha xo
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