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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Ponds Institute Pearl Exhibition With Laura Whitmore


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Last week I hopped on board a Virgin Train and capulted (literally - 125mph) my way to London town. It's been months since I've visited the big smoke so I couldn't wait to get back. My journey was super productive - I ate breakfast (croissant and a sausage bap to be precise), made complete use of the wi-fi and managed to write up two interviews - all things I couldn't do if I'd travelled by car. Plus, it meant I could Instagram, Tweet and email to my hearts content knowing I had a plug socket on hand. It takes me nearly an hour to get from home to work (a 16 mile journey), yet just over 2 hours to get from Manchester to London which I'm sure we all know is more than 16 miles. It's another reason why I miss the place - knowing I can get there so quickly.

Once I was fed and my phone was fully charged I headed to the Ponds Institute event, hosted by Laura Whitmore - held at the beautiful Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington. After a champagne reception we were introduced to the evening by brand ambassador Laura Whitmore (who's outfit was tres tres chic) and Caroline Neville.

The surroundings were without a doubt stunning. I'd never been to the V & A Museum so that was a treat in itself and it did not disappoint with its beautiful architecture, spacious rooms and intricate sculptures. After the introductory chat about the brand and its link to the pearl exhibition - both being timeless and classic, we were lucky enough to be given a private showing of the pearls exhibition.
Now I'm not a big jewellery fan but I've always had a fondness for pearls because of the era and ambience they represent. They're chic, simple and thanks to one of my idols - Audrey Hepburn, they have positioned themselves as a piece to possess.

We learnt how pearls are made from catching the pearls, tirelessly waiting for that one pearl to emerge and creating a piece based on the perfect pearl sizes. My explanation by no mean does this exhibition justice so I highly recommend you go and check it out yourselves. Unfortunately we couldn't take any photos but we were shown an array of iconic pearl images from Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor and the more unfortunate Charles I who even when he was beheaded wore his pearl earring - like they said, not every pearl story is a happy one!

From the setting to the exhibition and finally having Laura as the brand ambassador, Pearls Institute executed the classic pearls theme to a tee. Whilst Ponds wasn't a brand I'd necessarily would have bought into before - it has always been in my family - giving it some history to my life. Having someone like Laura fronting the campaign brings the brand into the modern day as not only is she a fashion icon, she's effortless and classic - just like the brand.

We left the event with some of the brand's most iconic products which I'm very excited to try. Thank you to Steph for the invite and for not only introducing me to the brand but to also meeting some lovely bloggers on the night - oh London, I have missed you.

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