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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 - My Favourite Outfits

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So...I went and jumped on this bandwagon! I've rounded up my favourite outfits of the year. Not only is this is a good way for me to see how my style has changed over the year, it highlights my inconsistency with the outside lighting - damn you clouds and sunshine!

I'd definitely say that I've become more confident with fashion and my style - a year previously I wouldn't ever have bare legs yet after going on three sunny trips this year, a little glow has helped me get over my leg issues! I'm glad to see that my outfits are not all black as some people think and I'm gradually moving on from a red lip - although it will always be my go to make-up product.

My red floral dress was one of my favourite fashion buys of the year as it's not normally a piece I would go for but I love it now. I can definitely see that my style is becoming much more defined as in I know what I like and what I don't. For instance, low cut pieces don't suit me and I struggle with smock dresses and oversized pieces due to me being quite petite in height but I love high necked garments, bodycon styles and playsuits. Saying that, in another year's time I could be loving what I'm hating now and hating what I'm loving. But that's what I love about fashion - it's ever-changing - just like you.

What's your favourite 2013 outfit of mine?

Green Velvet


Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 - A Year In Photos

complete 2013 - I'm not really sure what to say about you. It's not been a standout year for good reasons or bad (thankfully). 2012 was a pretty special year in that I graduated, interned in London, travelled to Australia and got my job. So it was pretty hard to top in terms of 'wow' moments. That's not to say 2013 has been rubbish, because it hasn't. I've had some great times with some fab people and I've not been fired so I guess I can't be too bad at my job. I've managed to keep this blog going - although with working 40+ hours and commuting a week, it's not been the easiest of tasks.

I've had a week off blogging over Christmas which I think has been needed. Whilst I love running this blog, it has recently eaten up more time than I would have liked. In 2014, I think I need to better manage my time with it so that I can have a healthy balance of running the blog and actually 'living' - as crazy as that sounds. I probably haven't relaxed and 'lived' as much as I would have liked in 2013. I feel sometimes that I'm constantly living my life by a schedule. Obviously I can't alter that with work as I commute in so I live my life by a train timetable. And then I feel guilty if I don't adhere to my blog schedule - and sometimes that can't be helped - case in point, when it rains when I should be shooting an OOTD or I get home too late to photograph a lipstick I want to review. Where I can I want to be more spontaneous and not think 'Oh I shouldn't be doing that as I need to do X,Y and Z.'

So onto the good moments of 2013...


In July I got to travel to Ibiza for work purposes. It's not a place that I would have gone to, however being there definitely changed my opinion of the place - hello?!! The best sunsets around!

July also saw me head to Wales for a few sunny days with my friends and a sea full of jellyfish!

In August I headed to Majorca with my friends - it was nice to go back to a place I'd visited as a child.

In November my parents and I re-lived our family memories by going to Bridlington - where we holidayed every year as kids.


I managed to not get fired woooo! But seriously, it's been a good year for work and I feel like I've grown and learnt an awful lot this year. As well as Ibiza, I've been able to work on some cool projects - at the very start of the year shooting with the lovely Victoria from VIPXO for the Global Styler campaign. Christmas decorations went to another level this year and without a doubt the highlight of the working year for me was the Christmas party and winning the decorations competition - I've never seen a more grateful and happy team at that very moment.


I've put a lot of heart and soul into my blog this year and I've enjoyed another fun ride in 2013. I've worked with some great brands, attended some fantastic events and also become an ASOS Insider. Here's to another great year!

Friends and Family

From get-togethers to gigs and parties, 2013 brought a lot of fun, and one too many drinks...Hopefully 2014 will bring a lot more of these. I'm such a homebody and am at my happiest when surrounded by my family and friends - which makes leaving them harder. I've always wanted to live and work abroad (it's no secret my dream is New York), and my mum has recently told me to go and live my dreams. Easier said than done though as I want to go for my dreams, but leaving everyone behind would be really tough! Who knows what 2014 will bring, but I'm ready!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Colourfully Checked


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas - Your LBD Six Ways - Six Occasions

'Tis the season to be jolly - and with jolliness comes many an occasion. So the life old dilemma comes - what to wear? And how do I not break the bank in the process? Take one classic dress, switch up your accessories and pull out these wardrobe staples you've probably overlooked over the years. And voila! You have a new look everytime for very little effort. This isn't a sponsored post, nor have I been asked to blog about this - I just like styling clothes and I had some spare time...

Christmas Shift

Christmas Shifts

Work in an office? That doesn't mean your little black dress can't make an appearance! Wear your work wardrobe essential - a crisp white shirt underneath. Team with a smart handbag and add a flash of colour in this powder blue coat.

Christmas Cocktails

Christmas Cocktails

Heading for a few cheeky cocktails? Refresh your dress by throwing on a standout sequin top and finish the look with some patent black heels.

Christmas Carols

Christmas Carols

Whether you're off caroling or heading to a festive service, this look will keep you wrapped up whilst looking seriously stylish.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day

The big day. You want to look the part whilst being comfortable. This fluffy jumper oozes luxury whilst the over-sized coat will add a dramatic edge.

Christmas Sale Shopping

Christmas Sale Shopping

When the big day is over (sad times), the sale shopping will be in full swing. Wear your LBD over a striped tee and accessorize with a biker jacket and a bowler hat.

Christmas Dancing

Christmas Dancing

And what the LBD was really meant for. Team with some sky high heels and statement jewels to let your dress really do the talking.


Saturday, 21 December 2013

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal


Friday, 20 December 2013

Friday Feature | Going For Gold

1 2 3
All that glitters can be gold when it comes to fashion. Go for gold and shine bright like a diamond this party season. Tone down the look with simple black or nude accessories.

1. Topshop: £90, 2. Rare at Topshop: £89, 3. River Island: £55, 4. boohoo: £25, 5. New Look: £24.99, 6. boohoo: £30, 7. Rare at Topshop: £55, 8. Goldie at Topshop: £69, 9. Oasis: £60, 10. boohoo: £35, 11.boohhoo: £35, 12. boohoo: £30

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