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Monday, 3 February 2014

Michael Kors Jet Set Tote

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When it comes to buying bags, or staple pieces in general - I always go for black. They go with more and are timeless. Over these past few years I've become a fan of Michael Kors. I love the classic pieces that look so effortless and easy to wear. So when I got this bag, that was what I was looking for.

This 'Jet Set Tote' as it's called comes in a few variations. First up is size - you can opt for small, medium or large. I went for the medium although I reckon I could have easily filled the large version (I'm trying to curb the 'carry around your whole life with you' problem I promise). It also comes in a range of colours from black - like mine, to white, tan and bolder colours like green and blue. There may be more since I got mine so apologies if I've missed a few out. The final variation is whether you want a zipped compartment or not. Whilst I like the open aspect of the bag, working in a city and commuting, I feel much safer having a zipped section to store my possessions. Bearing in mind however, to have the zipped version it's about £20 more - but I find that a good price to pay for peace of mind!

It's a sturdy leather and shape, and comes with a few storage options inside. There's a small pocket a the front of the bag where I store things like my business cards or chewing gum. There's also a small zipped pocked at the back of the bag which is handy for spare change or debit cards if you don't carry a purse with you.

In the middle is the zipped compartment which also comes with the added benefit of being padded - which is perfectly designed for laptops or IPads - giving them that extra protection. I rarely carry my laptop around with me but it fits nice and snug when in there.

The final feature of the jet set tote is a dangling clip on the inside which is great for attaching your keys to.

Overall it's a really classic bag and addition to my wardrobe and is lovely and lightweight so it means I can pack more into it without being weighed down. My only problem is, now I want the Selma too... Damn you Michael Kors and your beautiful bags!

Are you a fan of Michael Kors?


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  1. Lusting after this little baby!



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