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Thursday, 13 February 2014

MOM Jeans

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To you and me, mom jeans are what they are. Explaining them to my 'mom' was another thing... I have to admit - I'm not a big jeans wearer. When I was younger skinnies were my staple and then dresses took over. I remember my first pair of 'designer' jeans was my Miss Sixty pair I bought in year 7 and literally wore to death. They ended up with a hole on one knee - which back then was a eyebrow raiser - but now can simply be passed off as fashion. I'm not sure what happened to those jeans but I loved them. Over the years I peaked my jean collection at 20 pairs. I gave 90% of these to charity a few months ago so it only recently dawned on me that I'm lacking in the denim department.

So last week I went on a jean hunting mission and I'm glad I did. Styles I thought I would love - I didn't, and styles I thought I'd hate - I didn't. I ended up walking out of Topshop with two new pairs - one of which are these MOM jeans.
Whilst Topshop's boyfriend fit just drowned me - the MOM jeans are different. Whilst they are slouchy - they nip me in nicely at the waist. They're still not skin-tight like my skinnies but I kinda like that. They're a lovely classic and vintage wash so shouldn't age and they funnily enough remind me of something my mum might have worn back in the day. I'm getting more and more into my old-school/retro dressing these days and these definitely fit the bill.

Because of their slight over-sized feel - I wore them with a crop top, my trusty blazer and a pointed heel to balance out my shape. Due to my (lack of) height I have to be careful with what I wear and the shape of the clothes, but hopefully I pulled this off...

Blazer: F&F, Top: boohoo, Jeans: Topshop


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