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Thursday, 6 February 2014

What's In My Bag

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I remember doing one of these posts a few years back and what with it being a New Year, I thought I'd do a refresh.

As I've said before, I have a bit of an issue with carrying around my whole life with me. I don't think it helps that I commute to work so I like to be prepared for any situation. However saying that - from now on, I'm trying to curb this for my own sanity/back problems. So this is my day-to-day bag contents.

Quite an obvious piece - my purse. This was a gift from my parents - I love its classic design and how big it is - it has lots of compartments for all of my bits and bobs. And I like how the gold hardware matches my Mulberry. I always try to carry around some form of reading material - either a book or a monthly magazine. My monthly magazine bible is always GLAMOUR - it definitely makes my commute that bit more bearable.

Another given is my IPhone. As sad as it sounds I don't know what I would do without it. Saying that though it does anger me having to charge it everyday (or sometimes more) so I have to ensure I carry round my charger with me. Another Apple product that I adore is my IPod. This IPod has been with me since the dawn of time - I think it was year 9 to be precise. Before that I had an Mp3 player and my first ever song on that was LL Cool J's 'Hush.' It was the only song on the 28 hour drive to Switzerland that sent me to sleep - in a good way I promise Cool J! My IPod was a welcome upgrade from that. I definitely despair if I leave the house without this. It's got years of my favourite music and it stops me getting travel sick/losing my mind on the daily commute. It is on its way out - I just need to make sure I track down all of my songs before I trade it in.
My floral Cath Kidston wallet houses my season ticket so nothing too exciting there - apart from the fact it's a much more glam option compared to the one Northern Rail dish out. I also carry around my business cards - both for work and this blog - as you never know who you'll meet when you're out and about. I got this polka dot case from Paperchase for less than a fiver - so that was a good bargain.

My make-up bag is a daily staple in my handbag and I love my Bloomingdales bag which my sister got for me whilst in New York. I already had the medium brown bag and little brown bag so this just completes my little family. Plus I love New York so any sort of connection to the place is a winner for me. I tend to carry around everything I need to do my 'everyday face' so to speak. Next up is my brush - no shock there - it's just a classic Denman brush. I'm not too fussed what brand of brush I use - I usually use a paddle brush but I had to throw my last one out so I went back to this one - I remember using the brand as a child so it's got a little sentimental value too. If anyone has any hairbrush recommendations - please let me know!

And finally two more quite mundane piece - firstly my umbrella. Living in England it's a given that you'll need an umbrella. I can't tell you how tired I am of buying a new umbrella every fortnight - this one I bought last week and it's already blown inside out so it's never going to be the same again is it? Thankfully it was only about £3 from Primark so it won't affect my finances too much.

Lastly are my keys. I bought this cute keyring from Utility in Liverpool. Not only do I love Liverpool and that shop but I love quotes - and this one is quite an uplifting and positive - so I thought why not!


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