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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Review: DHC Revitalizing Moisture Strips

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DHC Revitalizing Moisture Strips - £6.95*

One beauty problem I've had for a while now are dark circles. When I'm not 'made up' they're something that I feel stands out on my face and no matter how many hours of sleep I get, they don't seem to be disappearing anytime soon. So when I got my hands on DHC's Revitalizing Moisture Strips I couldn't wait to see what, if any effect they would have on my tired eyes.

In the pack you get 6 sets of strips which you peel off and place underneath each eye. I have to admit it took a few tries for me to get the strips in the optimum position so that they don't annoy you but that's probably just me! You can leave these on for a few hours or overnight. I tend to put these on after work for 3+ hours before bed - the reason I don't leave these on overnight is that I'm not confident I wouldn't sub-consciously take them off in the night - and I like to monitor how a product works.

The product claims to achieve four things: hydrate, firm, brighten and refresh. In terms of hydrate - you can instantly feel the moisture from the strips and this stays from application to taking off. It's quite a cold sensation at first but after a few minutes you get used to it. Once I've taken the strips off my eyes definitely look brighter and they do feel relaxed and like they've had a treat. I don't have too many wrinkles just yet so as far as firmness goes - the skin does feel smoother but I can't really comment as to whether this helps with lines! Along with getting more sleep (which I am successfully working at) and drinking more water, this could be a recipe for success!
Have you tried these strips? What did you think?


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