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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Review: Mac Studio Fix Fluid

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Mac Studio Fix Fluid

It's rare that I fall in love with a product, well, as much as you can fall in love with a product. But ever since I started using Mac's Studio Fix Fluid over three years ago I've not looked back. I still try other foundations, keen to find an alternative or a formula that's slightly cheaper but performs just as well - but I've struggled so far.

First off what I love about this foundation is that there are so many different shades to choose from - which is something I dislike about high street brands as they don't always cater to all skintones. I have pink undertones in my skin so I like to use cool shades to try and combat that. The bottle itself is nice and sleek. One downside to the packaging is the glass bottle which is a little heavy and without a pump (which you can buy for an additional £3) it can be a bit of a nightmare to get product out towards the end of its lifespan. However at the same time the glass bottle makes it look more expensive.

As for the formula, it's a perfect consistency - it's thick enough so that a little goes a long way but not too thick that it cakes your skin or gathers in patches. It's so easy to glide on, whether you're using your fingers, a sponge or a brush. It hides my dark circles really well and evens out my uneven skin to a tee. Wearing it makes me feel confident and it has the added bonus of having SPF15 built in - which is something I view as crucial as whether it's sunny or not, I like to take care of my skin.

At £21.50 a bottle, it's not exactly cheap nor is it the most expensive foundation on the market, however for its quality and the confidence it gives me, I can't really put a price on that.

Have you tried Mac's Studio Fix Fluid? What did you think? What foundations do you love?


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