Friday, 23 May 2014

Grey Area

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Aside from P.E in school, I've never owned joggers and yet in the past few months I've accumulated quite a few pairs. Reminds me of the whole 'you wait ages for a bus and then three come at once' saying. My style is changing quite a lot at the moment compared to the way I used to dress. I used to be a lot more prim and proper and always wear heels whereas now I'm wearing a lot more flats and kimonos. These joggers are a lovely piece to lounge around the house in - and even could be worn out during the day - I'd probably team with some sort of heel just to dress them up a little bit - because I can't cut myself completely off the height just yet...

Top: Primark, Jogging Bottoms: H&M



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  1. I love the shape of this crop!



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