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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Review: Power Jacket IPhone Case

blog7 blog6 blog5 blog4 blog3 blog2 blog1 If you have an IPhone chances are your among the majority who moan about its battery life. If not then please tell me your secret(s). If you are, then I feel your pain. I rarely can get through a day without needing to charge my phone which probably tells me I need to spend less time on it but when our phones are now cameras, to send emails with, to play games on, to check the weather and browse the web as well as actually calling and texting people, it's no wonder our handheld devices can barely keep up with the social media addicted generation. As well as this I commute to and from work everyday which leaves me with an hour and a half a day to entertain myself so out comes my phone again. Luckily I've found a solution in Mobile Fun's Power Jacket IPhone case.

At first glance it looks like a standard gold case to protect your IPhone with. But slip your phone inside and it doubles up as a case and a charging device. The button at the bottom left activates the charge and providing you've charged the case enough your phone should supply you with all the power you need.

In terms of charging, it does need quite a long charge to be able to fully charge my phone - I tend to leave it plugged in overnight with my phone inside as it will charge both at once. And then in the morning I can take it out of the case and throw it in my bag for later. Once the charge is activated the blue lights at the bottom indicate how much charge the case has left - the more you have the more charge - which is great to know when you next need to plug it in. Another great feature is that once your phone is fully charged, it automatically switches itself off to save on energy.

It also comes with a flip out stand at the back if you want to watch something on your phone - this is great if you're watching a film on a train or plane journey - I can't vouch for it on my commute as seats are few and far between (#trainproblems) so I rarely get to stand the phone up. You can still adjust your volume, charge your phone and use your phone speaker with the case on and use your camera so although it does make your phone bulkier, the phone's functionality isn't affected.

I've had both a portable charger (with wires) and a case charger now with this model and there's advantages to both but I do definitely prefer a case charger as you don't have any wires dangling and it doesn't affect using your phone on a day to day basis. I'm planning to head to a festival this summer so this would be great for that and/or if you're heading on holiday if you need to keep your phone charged at the beach. It definitely makes my life easier not having my phone run out of battery every two seconds, making my dreary commute that less depressing! If you're looking for other chargers, click here to see their full range.

Power Jacket 2200mAh for iPhone 5 - £29.99*


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