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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

It's All About Blue

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Long time no blog. For some two weeks may not be a lot but for someone like me who usually blogs at least 3 days a week, "it's been a while." I'm not going to make excuses because I don't really have any. I read a quote somewhere which said you never have time, you have to make time. It's a mixture of being busy and having a bit of life re-evaluation. I've run this blog for a few years now but it's never been my full time job. Most of my life is spent working in marketing and then the other is being tired a lot of the time commuting five days a week. Recently it's all caught up with me and blogging's been the last thing on my mind along with personal issues. I never want to blog for the sake of blogging - I'm one of those "do it out of passion or not at all" people - hence the unexpected silence. This blog is a big part of my life - I've had great opportunities and met some fantastic people from it but in the grand scheme of things I can't hand on heart say it's my number one priority at the moment. I'll hopefully get back into the swing of things over the next couple of weeks so try and stay tuned...

But onto the outfit - a bit of colour for once. This playsuit is definitely a summer piece and I think would make a great wedding outfit - I have two more to attend this year and two already lined up for next year so it can stay in my 'bank' for then. It's a lovely quality and fit - and for once I'm not wearing red lipstick (the horror)! I threw in an outtake on the second photo for good measure - because life ain't always perfect!

Playsuit: Missguided


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