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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Learn To Say Yes

learn to say yes
First off please excuse the cheesy accompanying photo to this post - my only other option was to hold up a sign with the title but my neighbours already think I'm weird so I didn't want to further their suspicion as to why I snap photos of what I'm wearing. Some days I'm tempted to go around and explain that I'm not vain and I'm a fashion blogger and like many, we take photos of outfits - but I digress...

I pride myself in being a positive person. I always like to see the good in every situation which is partly down to my nanna who was one of the most appreciative persons in my life. She didn't take anything for granted and took pleasure in the tiniest things in life. I brought her a newspaper and it was like I'd got her a diamond ring and seeing her family bought her the greatest joy. Sometimes it really is about taking it back to basics and valuing what you do have as opposed to what you don't. Which is one of the reasons I'm writing this post. I never really get too personal on here bar my birthday post but that was four months ago so I can deal with dishing out my emotions a couple of times a year. I also always remember Zoe's post on this a couple of years ago - you can read hers here.

When I look back at my life three + years ago I was nowhere near as positive. I didn't look forward to things, struggled to be positive and pretty much shut myself away from the world and said 'no' to a lot of things. I empathise with my friends and family around me at that time as I'm sure I wasn't a barrel of laughs to be around. I'd turn down invitations, opting instead to spend time alone rather than with friends. I'd rarely go out and just stayed at home with my own company - which I'll add at this point - there's nothing wrong with this - I just did far too much of it at the time. 

I can't exactly pinpoint what 'turned my life around' but I'd say it was a mixture of the people around me and change. I firmly believe that the people I had/have around me are among the reasons I'm so happy now. Not all of them are still around which is sometimes hard to deal with going from having said person in your life all the time to being a stranger with memories, but I also believe that everything happens for a reason. Some people are just chapters in your life - they're not meant to be there until the end, and until you learn to accept that you'll never carry on with your story. Starting this blog also helped me change my energy from negative to positive. I wrote about my university experience here so I won't delve into it too much now, but having this blog did keep me going as it gave me something to focus on and improve on to get results. 

Getting invited to my first London event, hundreds of miles away from home and walking into a room not knowing anyone - the old me would have run a mile. Was I scared? Hell yes but that's how you know you're alive. I always joke that I like to 'feel the fear' as once you overcome it the feeling is incredible. Climbing the Sydney Harbour bridge - terrifying, but I did it. Interviews, walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid, going away by myself - even answering the phone were things I would have freaked out about and possibly never would have done all those years ago. 

So now I always try to say yes to whatever comes my way (within reason of course), because what's the worst than can happen? You don't like - so you'll learn from it. At my old job as a waitress, before I worked there I was very stubborn in terms of trying food I hadn't had before, but when I started working there the chef pretty much got me to try everything which also subconsciously kicked off the whole 'saying yes' to life. 

Whether it's a small thing like applying for a job or a big thing like skydiving - just do it (not sponsored by Nike by the way). It's a complete contradiction that life is short as it's the longest thing you'll do but you only get one of them so make the most of it whilst you're here. I know I'd rather look back and be happy at the things I've done and what I've achieved, rather than regret the things I didn't get round to doing. Travel the world, move jobs - do whatever makes you happy. I'd rather be spontaneous and make a mistake and learn from it then have dozens of 'what ifs.'


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