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Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 My Resolutions


I rarely make resolutions, not sure why not, but new year - new start and all of that...

Eat healthier
My diet is something I need to look at in the New Year. I used to be really good at sticking to restrictions at university (like not eating chocolate until the weekend) but this year I've let that slip and am reaching out for one more skittle far too many times. I know the food isn't doing me any good so now it's the New Year I'm clearing out my cupboard of the majority of my 'treats.'

Get more sleep
Towards the tail end of last year this has become true as now I live in the city centre I immediately get more time in bed (#WINNING) but I still need to get more sleep as I'm always exhausted and have to rely on red bulls on a Friday to get me through the day (mention not sponsored by red bull by the way). I think this resolution will tie in nicely with the above and both will benefit each other. Anyone who knows me knows how much I like my sleep - try and get me out of bed and you aren't my friend!

Continue my fitness plan
I'm proud of what I've achieved in 2014 fitness wise and it's something I'm conscious about continuing as I'm finally starting to really enjoy it, plus it's a great portal for me to release stress. So my resolution for this is to aim to cover 20k minimum a week in distance and develop my upper body strength as that's where I'm weakest.

Stop stressing
I'm one of those annoying people who's all or nothing. I'm either as cool as cucumber and relaxed or I sometimes get stressed super quick. So I'm going to try and take everything with a pinch of salt going forward and not let things or people who do little for me control so much of my emotion.

Travel more
I love exploring new places and getting lost so this year I intend on seeing more of the world. On the bucket list is Mexico and LA. I'm heading to Prague in the summer for a wedding which I'm really excited about.

I haven't done enough volunteering lately so this year it's something I need to invest more time in.

Continue to push myself out of my comfort zone
I think it's really important to push yourself as a person. I've talked about this a few times before but I like to 'scare myself' a few times a month in doing things that I would normally say 'no' to. I wouldn't mind getting back into my dancing and hopefully some more activities that push me out of my comfort zone.


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