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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Interior | Living Space

interior design
interior design interior design interior design interior design interior design interior design interior design interior design interior design If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I moved to the city late last year. So now I'm 'settled' (my sister loves this word), I thought I'd indulge in my love for interior design and show you some finishing touches I've made to my new flat. I'd been umming and ahhing about moving for a while as I love being from the country as there's less stress, more scenic surroundings, pubs and my friends from home. However with my work and social life here in the city taking up so much of my time, the commute became unbearable and was turning me into a grump both in and out of work.

I'd viewed quite a few flats before going for mine, I could probably tell you the PCM rent of most developments in Manchester now! But whilst the process was stressful, I love property so it wasn't too much of a chore - I may do a post about my top tips for flat hunting next month...

It's a very modern flat which I really like. I flit between character properties (Georgian and Edwardian) and minimal spaces and whilst I'm renting, minimal works great for me. A couple of key things I was looking for when moving was to be secure, have lots of light and ideally outside space if I was giving up my green rolling hills. Luckily I got all three.

These are a few snaps of the living area - as I say it's minimal (I'm a little OCD), bright and airy. It's taking a bit of getting used to how bare it is as the tree and decorations were up pretty much straight away when we moved in so there's a 6ft gap in the corner now. I won't describe the photos as they're pretty much self-explanatory. Living here has been great already - the time flies by so quickly and no two nights are the same. I'm no longer in the rut of a routine and living my life by someone's timetable. I can do what I want with who I want and where I want and I can finally be as spontaneous as I want to be as the city is on my doorstep, as is London for those last minute trips. I'm surrounded by my friends and colleagues and get so much more sleep and get to incorporate working out way more in my day to day life seamlessly. Obviously there are downsides too (I know my mum will probably read this!) - I don't see my friends and family from home anymore but it's hardly like I'm in Australia, I do miss Sky, my piano and having the house constantly at 30 degrees but it's all about a balance, and making a lot of hot water bottles.

I'm not planning on living in England forever, let alone Manchester, but for now it's home.


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