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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Lent Diary | Week 1


Day One

I can totally do this. I’ve got lots of clothes. Temptation isn’t going to get the better of me.

A 20% off email pings in my inbox. I quietly contemplate whether my colleagues will even notice if I cave and place an order. They wouldn’t see the parcel if I got it delivered to my flat – out of sight, out of mind and all that…

Honesty gets the better of me and I fess up to what I was about to do. Part of me is happy - I like to think I’m an honest person. But part of me is kicking myself. Now they’re aware of my potentially sneaky behaviour.

Lunch. The most dangerous time of all. I work slap bang in the city centre so temptation is everywhere. Luckily I had errands to run during my break so my mind was focused on those and not clothes (I’m still in a happy mood that I can rhyme)!

Luckily (or unluckily depending on how you look at it), I work late so by the time I get home I’m too tired to be staring at a laptop screen. These are the only bags I carried today.


Day one = officially survived.

Day Two

A colleague circulates a 20% off code for an online retailer. To avoid temptation I put it in my trash box straight away and instead distract myself with a cupcake (thanks to Cake Craft of Ramsbottom)

I trade walking to the shops for walking my colleague’s dog. I say walking, he runs everywhere. I also bump into my friends who talk about what they’re wearing for our night out next weekend – I can’t join in.


Day Three

The busiest working day of the week for me so not many distractions.

Work sample sale. I’ve always been known to come back with a lot – my colleagues don’t think it’s a good idea for me to go but what harm can be done?

Survived the sample sale. Helped shop for my colleague but didn’t cave – this seems to be going a lot easier than I thought.


I’m heading out so no time to shop – weirdly I’m not missing it (yet).

Saturday & Sunday

Weirdly the weekend was easier to stay away from the shops. Maybe because when I leave the flat I'm making an active decision to venture to the city centre and if it's a choice between bed or bags - the bed wins everytime. Outfit choosing for Saturday night was actually easier than usual as I'm not as overwhelmed with choice and settle on an old dress that I love.


Sunday was harder than Saturday. I 'popped' into Topshop. I love Topshop. I also love clothes so I'm sure you can see my dilemma. I make a mental wishlist of everything I've seen and make a point of saving the items in my basket when I get home. Let's face it, in 40 days time they're probably going to be out of stock but wishful thinking is always great...

Day Six

My colleague comes in with a great piece she picked up at the weekend. Everyone loves it and comments how “it’s all about investment pieces.” Maybe I’ll agree in April…

Day Seven

Nothing major to report. Life without clothes shopping is easier than I thought. I spend more time buying food now, which may be cheaper for my bank balance but not so great for my figure.

Day Eight

First official week of Lent is over and I'm actually enjoying it more than I thought as it means I get to discover old clothes in my wardrobe I'd forgotten I had, which remind me of past events and nights out with the people I love. It also makes me more creative in styling up the same pieces in different ways. I'm also grateful that I took such an interest in fashion at a young age so that I've built up a wardrobe I'm happy with - fail to prepare and prepare to fail and all that...

Here's to next week!


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