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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Why People Need To Stop Getting Worked Up About Valentine's Day

Untitled Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Valentine's is creeping up on us (depending on where and when you read this). It's a day that is a bit like marmite - you either love it or you hate it (no pun intended). If you’re single, chances are you hate it (although I do hope there are people who embrace it!) and if you’re in a relationship you probably love it. And that’s where its initial problem is. It’s seen as a day about romance and whilst it historically and commercially is, it doesn’t have to be ALL about your significant other. When people ask me what or who I love, it isn’t always just the person I happen to be involved with at that time - it’s my friends and family too. It’s also steak, country walks, my piano and many other things that I could go on about for days but I won’t because I’d be repeating a blog post I wrote about that (which you can read here).

So to the people who moan about being alone on Valentine’s Day - don’t, and put it into context. Technically (and I don’t mean to be a Debbie downer here), you’re romantically alone every other day so why feel glum about a day that card shops and florists cash in on? Also think about it from another point of view - some people don’t have mothers on Mother’s Day or fathers on Father’s Day - that’s a much worse situation than getting worked up because the postman must have got lost delivering your card from your mystery admirer. If you’re in a relationship - fantastic. Make the most of it and enjoy each other but don’t just use V-Day as a time to show your other half how much they mean to you - you should tell them everyday (not with roses and chocolates though because that could get expensive).

I’ve been both alone and with someone on Valentine’s Day so I hopefully can see the day from both sides, having experienced it from such. I know some people hate the day as it reminds them of their ex partners and yes that sucks, but it sucks every other day too! I’ve had my heart broken and I bet I’ve hurt people too but every bit of pain is worth it because that’s how you know you’re alive. So even if you’re not spending this day romantically, just be with the people you love. Tell them what they mean to you, because one day they may not be here and all of the moaning about one day out of 365 will seem stupid in comparison.

I’ll leave you with this by R. Queen:

Everything is temporary but love. Love outlives us all.

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