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Friday, 17 April 2015

The Best I've Ever Had

Inspired by an article I recently read in a magazine and because I’m a happy go lucky kinda gal - I thought I’d compile the ‘best’ parts of my life to date.

304794_10150971129977041_596412311_n Holiday
Ooh this is a tough one between Australia and New York. Part of my heart is definitely still in NYC and I definitely want to go back now I’m old enough to experience it properly. Australia I went to at the right time and did some amazing things whilst I was there. It’s a beautiful country and I had the most amazing holiday exploring it and meeting members of family I’d never met before. In New York I fell in love. It’s an amazing city that’s so inspiring and full of so much life, I could gush about it for hours. I also got to watch Gossip Girl being filmed live so that was a highlight - Ed Westwick, yes please.

My 21st was great in that I went to Australia however my 18th definitely stands out to me. Luckily (after sweet talking our head boy at sixth form) our leaver’s ball fell on my 18th birthday at a hotel in Manchester. So basically I got a hotel with all my friends for a fraction of the price of actually paying for a party. I remember the weekend so vividly still and part of me would love to re-live it. It was an unusually hot day and we’d got to the hotel in the afternoon to prep for the night ahead. We’d got four rooms next to each other - cue constant running between each room in between glasses of wine and shots of vodka (oh those were the days). I was in one of my friend’s rooms when one of my friends came running in announcing that another of our friend’s dress wouldn’t zip up - cue panic. I ran in to help her in my room to be greeted with party poppers and my room decorated with banners, balloons and my favourite food and drink. It was unexpected and so thoughtful that I think I definitely shed a tear or two. The rest of the night is a blur but it involved alcohol, a bucking bronco and lots of laughs.

11125414_10152692318032041_1546840014626347941_o Lipstick
Bit of a random inclusion here but as I love my red lipstick, I thought it apt. I’ve had my fair share of red lipsticks, from designer to budget and my favourite to date is a Collection 2000 one in ‘Cherry Pop.’ It’s less than £3 and it’s my perfect shade of red. Finding that right shade for you is tough so I’m glad I’ve got mine at a price where I can stock up like the apocalypse is coming and still have enough pennies left over for a strawberry daiquiri or two at the weekend.

10275521_10152692318042041_4808235483098503399_o Job
I’ve only had around five jobs in my lifetime so this doesn’t leave room for much but without a shadow of a doubt my best job is my current one. For those who don’t know, I work in fashion marketing. It’s hard work and I’m constantly busy but I love it. Some days I have to physically pinch myself about how lucky I am to be doing what I enjoy for a living. I never dread work and get to spend 40 hours a week with my best friends. Sure there are downsides but there are with everything.

11159879_10152692318052041_3565092894195846876_o Gig
I LOVE music. I spend most of my life plugged into my IPod, playing the piano, singing to my colleagues or making shapes on the dancefloor. So naturally I love most gigs I go to. My all-time favourite is probably Bruno Mars. Now, this man is a god. He is one of the rare people in this world that actually sound better live because it’s raw and still oh so perfect. I don’t even know how it’s humanely possible for someone to sound so good but he does. His vocals are second to none and so are his lyrics. Aside from that, it was a weekend spent with my friends when we went. We stayed in a gorgeous hotel, had a mini spa day and then went out after the gig. It's in my top five of best weekends of my life to date.

11112864_10152692318187041_4535419332197080157_o Friend
I could not narrow this down to one person. So many individuals have shaped and changed my life, for which I will be forever grateful for. I’ve had people who have given me confidence, made me laugh till I’ve cried and changed my perception on life. I’d be here all day listing names and in some ways I don’t want to get too personal on here as whilst I am quite a public person in what I share with the world, I want these private memories to stay so.

11118374_10152692318037041_1577457868953336271_o Food
I love my steak but another meal has definitely won on this one. In a previous job I was a waitress and despite the bad press this job gets, I genuinely loved it. Whilst there the chef allowed me to try whatever I wanted. I tried his chicken, bacon and stilton and it changed my life. It’s a perfect combination of everything I love and since leaving I can happily (and proudly) say that I’ve learnt from him and perfected my sauce.


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