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Monday, 15 June 2015

Exterior | Balcony Garden

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So it’s been six months since I moved to the city. I love pretty much everything about it apart from the (lack of) outside space. For now though, being so close to work and my social life works well. I think in about another 6 months I’ll move slightly further out to somewhere like Didsbury as I know someone who lives there and I’m already jealous of their garden and local amenities - I’m from a small area originally and there’s definitely more of a community vibe there.

So in a bid to make the most of what outside space I do have, I spruced up my balcony this weekend. I wanted something simple, chic and practical. I’ve spent the last 5 years of my life on Pinterest and visiting other people’s gardens to visualise exactly what I was after.

The main event is my table and chairs. I’ve spent weeks hunting down the ones I wanted. These are great in that they look so quaint and country chic but also in that they fold away really easily too. The table’s big enough to allow two people to comfortably eat off and I have enough space to work on my laptop from - which is exactly where I’m typing this from right now. It’s also now great for hosting as I can keep all the bottles and glasses out here away from the lounge as anyone who owns glass surfaces knows how often they need cleaning (spoiler: pretty much everyday). I’m already looking forward to having breakfast from my balcony now it’s warming up - most likely twice a week on the weekend because Monday - Friday you’re lucky if I open my eyes before 8am.

The other bits were just decoration but I love them equally. For when I’m working late into the night outside (pray for warm weather) or I want some mood lighting, I got this gorgeous lantern. I’m not sure how my flatmate feels about this as she’s not overly keen on my candles (I have quite a few - blame Yankee for their flavours - who doesn’t want to wake up in a room smelling of strawberries?!). It has a block candle inside which doesn’t come with the lantern itself but you can grab from most home stores. I went for all white because I’m not overly keen on colour - I’m always that person who asks if something comes in black. I picked up another lantern originally but then when I came across this one I adopted the ‘go big or go home approach.’
Like my jewellery I like statement pieces. I rarely wear dainty jewellery (unless sentimental), opting for chunky watches so that filtered through to my lantern choice. Yes I probably overthought this purchase but since I have to stare at it everyday I don’t feel too guilty. I was worried when I got to the checkout that it might look a little oversized on the table but I absolutely love it. It really sets off the area and also acts as a heater for when it gets a little colder.

As for the plant side, here’s where the colour came into play (not a total colour hater…). I picked up three kinds of plants. The big one is a Boston Fern which sits in a oversized ceramic pot. The white plant is a peace Lily - I have one of these at my desk at work so it’s a nice tie in. And finally the purple plants are Campanula Portenschlagianas. I’m not going to pretend to know what they are but they look pretty and I will do my best not to kill them. I go around on plant control at work so I’m pretty confident.

To look after them properly I couldn’t say no to this too quaint for life watering can. I have no words, I just love it. Some may say this is an exaggeration towards a watering can but I’d rather live life with passion than with none at all.

So that’s pretty much it for my outside space. My plants are my babies for now - I tried to persuade my flatmate into letting me get a cat (there was one on TV called Steve) but it didn’t work. To be honest it’s probably for the best as I wouldn’t ever want to leave the flat and I’d become a recluse - so plants it is!


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