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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Review | Gotham Hotel

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Last week the lovely team at Next treated us to dinner at Manchester’s newly opened Gotham Hotel. Having been featured heavily in the press and receiving ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from my colleagues at work prior to going, I was definitely pumped up for my visit.

Set at the top of King Street in the city centre, the hotel is nestled amongst a variety of architecture that Manchester has to offer. Located on the 6th floor is the Honey Restaurant where we were given a fabulous dining room overlooking the city. The first thing that struck me about the hotel is its interior design - it blends in beautifully with the style of the building and theme of the hotel. Dark woods run throughout the interior but are lightened up by the spacious rooms and airy windows. My two favourite features of the dining room were definitely the typewriters on the wall and the huge feature windows where you can gaze across the city (I could even see my apartment block - not sure why this excited me so much…).

We had a set menu for the night didn’t have all the options in the world I would have liked (I am a slightly picky eater) but I like trying new things so made my selections. To start I went for the ‘.’ The presentation was absolutely stunning which is a theme that ran throughout my entire three courses - in some ways I didn’t want to eat it and destroy what was basically a piece of art. But, I was hungry, so that thought stayed in my mind for all of 5 minutes maybe. The goats cheese was delicious and came with rhubarb and weirdly a macaroon. I’m not a fan of rhubarb so I did leave this bit but the macaroon was lovely - which was to be expected given my love for the French favourite.
For mains I opted for the chicken. I was torn between this and the Fish and Chips - which I do wish I had based on the presentation - which was unsurprisingly beautiful - and I did try this option too (thanks to a fellow blogger) so I can also report back that the taste matched the presentation. The chicken was gorgeous though, and came accompanied with chips/potatoes. Dessert was my biggest issue if i”m being honest - but this is more down to what my colleagues describe as my ‘beige palette.’ I like to call it knowing what I like but hey ho! When it comes to dessert I 90% always go for the chocolate option, whether it’s a mousse, fondant or fudge cake - if it comes smothered in chocolate - I am there with bells on. There wasn’t one available on the set menu so I went for the Manchester Tarte. This came accompanied with a creme brûlée - which if you know me, it won’t come as a surprise when I say I’ve never tried it. I can report back that it was divine and had I not been so stuffed from the previous two courses, I would have gladly finished.

If I was to rate the food out of 10 - I’d give an 8 as I probably would have liked more options on the menu (I did see the full menu and steak is on there (a Stacey favourite)) so if I were to go again, i’d probably select more of my usual food choices.

Aside from the food I couldn’t fault the hotel in its decor and service. The staff were polite, friendly and super quick. The rooms and the rooftop bar look great from what I’ve seen online - hopefully I’ll check them out sometime in the future. Price-wise it’s higher end but you do get a fabulous setting and great quality food so if you’re after all of that - check it out!


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  1. Looks like a fab evening, I would have gone for steak given the choice too! xx


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