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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Eight Ways To Get Happy Now

Sometimes happiness isn’t always easy. I personally find being anything other than happy exhausting but I realise not everyone operates in the way I do. So in light of my literal light I thought I’d pull together five quick ways to get happy now.

Look through old messages/photos and videos
As annoying as Facebook can be for cryptic statuses and candy crush invites, one of its major perks is housing basically your life online. From holiday snaps to videos and cute conversations you forgot happened - have a browse through forgotten memories, guaranteed to make you smile.

Positive Vibes
I’ve talked about this briefly on the blog before. Positive Vibes is an exercise we do at work once a week. It’s not mandatory or anything, we just decided to implement it and now it’s part of our weekly schedule. Once a week (we do it on a Friday afternoon), we all write down three things that have either made us happy or that we’re grateful for. One by one we then read these aloud to each other before sticking up on the wall. Sometimes in work you can get wrapped up in a ‘bad day’ and this really help us put things back into perspective and switch our mood around.

Remind someone why they’re awesome
Another thing we do at work (I swear we do do actual work!) is a ‘We Are Awesome’ exercise (again, we’re not forced into doing this or anything, it’s something that’s manifested from a brilliant colleague’s idea). We have pieces of paper to nominate fellow colleagues for being awesome. It can be anything from their attitude, hard work or lending a hand. We write these down anonymously and put in a postbox which at the end of the month is emptied and the messages are displayed on the wall. Last month we reached nearly 150 messages of kind words. It’s a gesture so small (and free!) but really makes people feel appreciated and both the sender and receiver get a little buzz from it.

Put on some music and dance
I’m not saying dance in the middle of the street or the station but it’s crazy how simply just listening to your favourite songs and/or dancing can boost your mood. I love to dance anyway and struggle to see why others don’t. Yes you may look like a fool but who cares. Literally YOLO.

Take a walk and get lost
Sometimes stepping outside is the best thing you can do. Back in the country I will spend hours walking through meadows, around lakes and up hills (seriously my life is so Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth Bennet sometimes it's crazy) and it clears my mind so much. Get lost. Take a new route. Discover somewhere beautiful you never knew existed. Stay safe of course (I rely on my phone to re-direct me if I've gone too far). I only discovered the beauty of Regents Park in London recently and Fletcher Moss Gardens in Didsbury. Not every walk has to be extravagant mind, a simple five minute walk around the block can do your mind (and figure) a world of wonders.

Spend time with the people you love
Simply being around people who make you smile will lift your mood instantly. Even if you can’t be physically with them, text or call them. I never used to be a big caller but it puts me in such a good mood and sometimes hearing their voice is all you need. I’m very lucky in that I spend my job with people I love and bring out the sunshine in me (cringe much I know…) so I get paid to have other people make me happy for 40 hours a week - winning.

As the old saying goes, travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer - and I couldn't agree more. It doesn't have to be jumping on a jet to Australia, it can be simply boarding a train to a place you've never been before. Or, what we always say we're going to do - turn up at the airport with a suitcase and no plan - just jump on the next available plane. From the people to the culture and simply being somewhere new with that excitable 'I've no idea where I am or what I'm doing' but I like it feeling. There's a big old world out there just waiting to be explored. I remember being at Bondi and getting lost on this mountainous walk in a playsuit and a pair of ballet flats. Unequipped and not prepared but I didn't care because I was free and doing what you are meant to do in life - live.

Scare Yourself
I like 'the fear' and that adrenaline you get from it - so I regularly scare myself when appropriate to learn where my boundaries are. The closest I've come is the Tarzan Swing leap of faith at Go Ape. I've been there three times now but my most recent go left me petrified when the time came to walk into literally thin air - the poor instructor tried to tell me it's like "walking into a pool" - not sure what pools he's been brought up in but... I also was recently at a funfair and sought out the scariest ride there, I'm going to give a really crap description of it now, so bear with me. It was basically a vertical arm with 8 people on each end, and you're spun round at some crazy height upside down also. I cockily got on (in heels nonetheless...) and the first spin hit me. It was a type of adrenaline I've never experienced before as it was a combination of happiness and a fear that I wouldn't get off that ride as it was terrifying too - but I wasn't scared about that, because I've had a fab life so at least I'd go out with a bang! Learning where your line is is great and you learn a lot about yourself.


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