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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Hey It's Okay...To Not Post Everyday

Blogging frequency is often brought up at talks and events. As someone who’s been in the ‘blogosphere’ for a few years now, there is no magic formula. Instead? Do what you want. Blog as and when you want. One of the worst things you can do as a blogger is post because you think you have to, or because you’ve got into a routine and now you feel you have to adhere to it.

I used to be that person. I’d post 3-4 times a week religiously on the same days. And do you know what, it worked - views peaked and I carved weekly features from my little corner of the web. For some people today, in the 2015 blogging community, that method still works. Vloggers for instance may post a haul, a beauty routine and a conversational piece on a weekly basis. Viewers may expect their videos on a Sunday afternoon and a Thursday night. If that works for you - great, do it.

For me, whilst my blog blossomed, I devoted more time to my internet life than my real life. 2015 has taught me to take a step back and say ‘Hey it’s okay…to not post everyday.’ There’s been months where I’ve posted only half a dozen times. The old me would have had a mild panic attack, which in some ways shows how far I’ve come.

I love blogging but I love life more, and it’s taken me a fair few years to realise this. This may sound like a blogging resignation post, but I promise, it’s not. In fact, I’m looking to re-brand this blog a little before the year is up to let my site catch up with my life.

From outfit posts to beauty reviews and event write ups, there’s a lot of pressure on bloggers to post immediately and frequently. But for me, I, along with lots of other bloggers have to fit in blogging around my full-time job. I’m not going to lie, working over 40 hours a week does hinder my inspiration, energy and motivation to put fingers to keyboard, and that’s not taking into account my social life, loved ones and health/fitness upkeep. There’d be occasions when I’d turn down social events as I had to post. Whilst I’m not advocating ignoring an event write up you’ve promised a brand or are being paid to write, remember to live.
You should blog because you want to, because what you’re writing about inspires you and you can’t wait to share it with the world. Blog because you believe it to be of quality and not quantity. Anyone can post daily - it doesn’t mean it’s good content. Well thought out content, high quality imagery and interesting topics don’t just happen overnight. They take time and passion. If you’re lacking it - take a break.

I lost a lot of my inspiration after losing my Nanna earlier this year. I lost inspiration in general for my life, which for someone who loves the general concept of life, scared me. Maybe you’re going through something similar or just aren’t feeling your blog. Guess what? That’s okay too. We’re all human and some days we like doing something, and some days we don’t.

Some days I have all the inspiration, and some days I have none. Taking a break doesn’t mean you don’t care or that you’re a bad blogger. In fact, it means the opposite. It means you care enough to refresh your brain and your content. If you’re going to be MIA for a little while, perhaps post pre-warning your readers, as whilst it’s more than okay to take a step back, it’s also polite to let readers and brands know that you’ll be off the radar for a bit.

So take that spontaneous trip away, have one more drink with your friends and sleep in if you feel like it. Your blog will always be here (providing you renew your URL if it’s domain hosted!) but you won’t be. Posting everyday is okay and not posting everyday is okay too. For bloggers who blog for their jobs, frequency and time of day posting will be more of a priority but for me, I blog out of hours, out of my 9-6 and in and around my personal life. Carry a notebook or laptop with you on-the-go for when you get that inspiration back. Stock up on blog post writing on days where you’re in the zone, so when the week comes when you aren’t inspired or just don’t have the time, you’ve got yourself covered.

Quantity of posts may initially get readers clicking your link to read more, but if the quality doesn’t back it up your bounce rate will hit the roof. It’s not all about bounce rates but more about you, because as a blogger, you’re your own boss - so tell yourself it’s okay, and if you don’t feel it’s okay - change it.


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