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Monday, 5 October 2015

My Everyday Hair Care Routine

Untitled I’m always a fan of reading other’s daily hair care routine so after years of growing my locks, I thought I’d let you in on my go-to products. I honestly find less is more with my hair. It’s fine but due to its length, there’s quite a lot of it. Whenever a hairdresser starts mentioning sprays, gels and all other potions under the sun I either battle with them to not let them go ahead or say yes through gritted teeth before going home later and washing it all out.

Because my hair is coloured I don’t like to weigh it down further. I’ve tried most shampoo brands out there through having short hair, long hair, natural hair, coloured hair, and whilst I have a wide range to choose from, I do tend to go back to my trusty Dove range. I flip between their Dove Colour Care range and their Dover Repair Range if I’ve avoided the hairdresser’s chair for a while. Having long hair and styling on a weekly basis does mean the expected split ends but I’m getting better at getting it regularly trimmed.

Sometimes if my hair is extra damaged I’ll whack on a hair mask but again I find these quite heavy and I feel like it’s more in my head that it’s working than anything. Following the usual wash and go, I spritz some Tresemme Heat Defence on damp hair concentrating on the ends before blow drying.

I say blow drying, I’m no pro and my Scouse friends do put me to shame with their skills but I concentrate the nozzle and get a semi-good finish from it, so I’ll just roll with that. I’m lucky in that my hair is naturally straight so after a 10 minute blow, it’s done.

I don’t finish with any kind of spray or serum, so it’s quite a boring routine, but nice and quick pre-work.

The only other products I frequent on a day-to-day basis is hairspray. My favourite is Wella’s Firm Hold can. Again, I’ve tried every brand under the sun. My old favourite used to be a Tesco own brand until they changed the formula. If I’m waving or curling my hair or doing an up-do, I spray on (way more than I should) hairspray to let it set. My hairdresser recently warned me to stop spraying it too close to my head as it damages the cuticle so do it at arm’s length.

Whilst I do like to look ‘nice’, I’m quite low maintenance in how much time I’ll allow for preening. I have a ten minute rule for any styling – and if it can’t be achieved it that time frame – it ain’t happening. I’d much rather have ten minutes more in bed and running across the city and around the office at work means the hard work can sometimes be over by half 9 anyway.


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