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Saturday, 21 November 2015

10 Signs You & Your Work BFF Can’t Live Without Each Other…

work wife

1. Sunday nights are spent preparing each other for the week ahead. You know it’ll all be OK, because you’ve got each other

2. You spend the best part of Monday morning in the kitchen going over weekend gossip… although you already know what’s happened… because you were Whatsapping about that Tinder date fail Friday night, Saturday morning, all day Sunday…

3. Your lunches are planned by 11:30. You glance over at each other giving the knowing eye that’s it time to get out before anyone else can see you / join in

4. You go over your data allowance every month. “Did you see Emily go into that meeting with Sophie… what’s that all about”

5. When the new guy starts in accounts, you know everything about him. One of you has already stalked him on Linkedin, the other's on his Instagram right now

6. You’re constantly getting weird stares from your co-workers… no-one else understands why a llama family is funny

7. You feel the same things… if one of you is off sick, there’s no point in the other coming in

8. Work parties almost always end in tears… but it’s ok, because your BFF is there to pick you up, tell you that you didn’t try and kiss that guy from IT, and assure you that you’re not getting fired next week

9. They’ll always listen to you moan about work when your non-work best friend / boyfriend / mum just rolls their eyes

10. Most of all, they make the sun shine on even the dreariest day

Article written by Victoria James


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